Virtual Reality Will Allow Wandering among the Supernova Remnants

Catherine Strohanova
Business Development Manager

Based on the data received by the Chandra space telescope, NASA created a three-dimensional model of supernova remnants.

With the help of technologies of virtual and augmented reality, there is a chance look at the fragments “from within”. The details can be found on the project page.

The basis for the model was data on the remnants of the supernova Cassiopeia A, the huge star that exploded about 400 years ago.

“The stars are too far away to touch, but this project will allow specialists and laymen, at least to walk among some of the most famous supernova remnants in our skies via virtual reality”, Kimberly Arcand, a visualization specialist from the team of the Chandra telescope added.

Data collection and visualization took several years. An analysis of the collected information showed that there are two main types of debris: spherical parts in the outer region and flat, disc-shaped in the inner.

The creators of the project expect that this information will help astronomers simulate supernova explosions, will give new opportunities for public communications and informal education.

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