Third Quarter of 2017 Ends with over 1 Million of Sold VR Headsets

Valeriia Kyselova
Account Manager

Canalys’ research that was recently published, revealed data regarding sales of VR-headsets.

The report includes huge companies that produce Virtual reality headsets for the 3rd quarter of 2017. The following data proved that virtual reality technologies are not kinda prototypes, they are gaining popularity.

Leading VR-helmets manufacturers have sold over 1 million devices just in 3 months.

Place number one is held by the Japanese company Sony. It has sold approximately 490,000 units of PlayStation VR helmets. This helped the famous company to get 49% of the market consumers.

Oculus has taken the second one with 21% and 210,000 sold helmets.

Top three is concluded with 14% by HTC, the company sold 160,000 sets of Vive.

In general, 3 above-mentioned industry leaders currently occupy 86% of the market. 14% of released and sold devices are held by Google, Samsung, Lenovo, and others smaller companies. Their headsets are good but not ready to compete with the bigger range of games and applications exclusively available on Sony, Oculus, and HTC.

Now analysts are ensured that the virtual reality is going to face an increased demand and popularity in the upcoming years.

Eventually, the usage of VR devices can be applied not only in gaming.

VR has worked well with the health and education industries, e-commerce and so on.

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