How to Put Together the Best Development Team – 11 Tips

Anastasia Morozova
Chief Operating Officer

The main factor in the success of any project is the people behind it. This is true in any business, but in software development, the right team is especially important.

Putting together a productive team is a challenging and difficult process, but at the end of the day, you are going to be rewarded by working with the people who are on the same wavelength.

Hiring people for a development team is a multi-sided task where you need to consider the skills that you need for your project, the overall company culture, the working principles that you implement, and the unique personalities of each member of the team.

At the same time, hiring a team can be interesting and even exciting, as you are going to meet lots of bright and talented people some of which will become your colleagues for years.

To help you make the hiring process more streamlined, we have compiled a short list of tips that you can use in putting together your development team.

development team

1.    Focus on seniors

Senior developers will make the core of your team that will hold your project together. Seniors can be relied upon to act quickly and independently in the event of an emergency. Their experience and accumulated knowledge will be priceless at any stage – from design and planning to development, release, and maintenance.

Of course, senior developers are more expensive, but consider that an investment. You are investing in the effectiveness, security, and consistency of your project because this is what seniors are going to bring. Their practical experience will help you avoid mistakes and find the most optimal ways of implementing your product idea.

2.    But do not ignore juniors

Juniors may seem an unwise investment – they need supervision and mentoring, they lack the profound knowledge and expertise and, most importantly, they make mistakes. However, by barring juniors, you miss their enthusiasm, optimism and unbiased inventiveness. Juniors can bring fresh ideas and unexpected suggestions and will not be afraid to try them.

From the practical point of view, junior developers will cost you about half the cost of senior developers. In addition to cost saving and unique solution ideas, by hiring juniorsб you will get the reputation of an open-minded and flexible company willing to be part of its employees’ careers. After all, all seniors were juniors once.

3.    Respect the personalities

Your team is made of people of flesh and blood, each with their unique personalities. When making the decision of hiring a particular person, consider both the professional skills and personal traits.

Of course, professionalism and experience are the main factors in making this decision, but each member should fit with the rest of the team.

In the context of personalities, one of the most important things is the ability to be a team player. Software development is always a product of the entire team where each person contributes. If everyone is willing to help and share their knowledge, the team’s productivity is definitely going to grow.

software development team

4.    Hire both men and women

The statistics show that there are many more men than women among software developers. When you post your vacancies, you are going to get more applications from men than from ladies, that’s the fact.

However, make your decision based on skills and personality. Besides, a mixed team consisting of both men and women can prove to be more productive and resourceful.

5.    Choose those who write wise code

Wise code survives changes easily. We know that hardly any development project progresses without changes from the initial design to launch. Very often, requirements change, and sometimes rather dramatically.

When the code was properly written in the first place, updating it will be easier. Therefore, try to hire developers capable of writing good, wise, and elegant code that can be modified when needed.

6.    Do not micromanage

You are hiring professional developers, so let them do their job. They have proved their expertise during the interview and testing, and by hiring them, you show that you trust their judgment.

Let your team make their decisions and set up their flows as they find the most effective. Rather, introduce daily sync-ups to follow the development progress and remain on the same page with the team.

7.    Value the technical expertise of your team

Whenever there is a technical discussion, always aim at reaching the solution that is right for your project. Trust the technical expertise of your developers and never try to force your opinion on them.

In technical matters, the opinions of professionals are often more grounded, as they are backed with years of experience and continuous learning. Give them the freedom to find the proper decision.

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8.    Provide all necessary tools

Effective software development requires appropriate hardware and software. Discuss the project requirements with your development team to see what needs to be provided. Experienced developers will give you a detailed specification of the hardware and software they need to deliver the project.

Software developers usually know the tools market well and will try to suggest open-source solutions whenever possible. If they ask for any additional hardware or licensed software, that means it is necessary and cannot be substituted.

9.    Establish convenient working schedules

Try to organize the working schedule of your team to be as flexible as possible. Strict hours can hardly inspire creativity and motivation, thus giving your team some freedom in setting up their schedules.

Ask your colleagues to work overtime only when it is absolutely necessary. A well-motivated team will be willing to work extra hours at some important stages of the project, such as the product launch.

However, to maintain a healthy working environment and productivity, try to keep to the regular hours most of the time.

10.    Encourage professional growth

Truly good developers learn during their entire careers. The software development industry changes fast, and to stay abreast, you need to learn continuously. When your developers learn, it is advantageous for your project, too, as they will apply their new knowledge to make your product more effective.

There are many ways of maintaining your team’s professional growth. You can cover their expenses for special courses, visits to dedicated conferences and other events, subscriptions to professional publications.

Try to be flexible when a colleague asks to be absent from work to take a certification exam. At the end of the day, your product will also benefit from being built by highly skilled pros.

11.     Do not forget QA experts

Invest in a good QA engineer at the very beginning of your project.

If you build your development according to the Agile model, you will need quality assurance in each sprint. This way, you will ensure that the bugs are found and fixed immediately, all product components integrate well, and the technical debt is reduced to the minimum.

Continuous quality assurance during the entire length of your project increases its efficiency, guarantees its compliance with the requirements and ensures a smooth launch. Therefore, you need a professional QA expert working closely with the development team.

If you need more details about hiring a development team or would like to discuss the outstaffing opportunities that we can offer, contact us for a consultation, and we will be happy to provide the information you need.

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