Tech School Students Bringing the Chatbot in Education

Catherine Strohanova
Business Development Manager

Melbourne Polytechnic students have developed a new chatbot called Bazbot.

The chatbot is a kind of an FAQ for students of the tech school who have issues with finding information on the web pages.

The executive director of Banyule-Nillumbik and Whittlesea Tech Schools says that FAQ is useless, no one would search for something through tons of web pages. People need direct answers to their questions.

They partnered with Microsoft.

The program was ruled and monitored by education technology strategist Richard Heaton and cloud solutions architect Bec Lyons from Microsoft.

“A bit of friendly competition didn’t hurt either — the best chatbot would grace the Tech Schools’ website” – says Microsoft’s representative.

When the tech school described an issue, the company revealed that the chatbot could be a smart solution.

Eventually, the students were involved in the developing process. It was an inspiring task to develop something that has a great purpose in real life.

While making the chatbot, the developers conducted research and interviews, and the students used their coding skills.

The educative chatbot will be available later this year on the website of tech schools.

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