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08 Aug 2018
virtual reality museum

How Museums Can Stay Relevant and Make Money on Virtual Reality Technology

For the last couple of years, virtual reality (VR) took over various spheres of people’s lives. We are witnessing the times when humans are enhancing their perceptions of the real world. Therefore, virtual reality is making its way through. Today, different business owners are thinking of or already applying virtual reality technology to stay afloat [...]
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15 Jun 2018
virtual reality software developers

How to Create Content for a VR App

Hardly any other application is so content-dependent as virtual reality. For its primary purpose, VR is supposed to create realistic immersive experiences making us forget that we are, in fact, in a virtual space. Thus, the requirements of the content used in virtual reality are extremely high. In addition to the graphics quality of the [...]
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30 May 2018
VR applications

What Virtual Reality Is and How It Works: The Complete Guide

Until recently virtual reality was a fantasy. But today this immersive technology is profoundly penetrating our lives. Virtual Reality (VR) enables users to experience artificial environment without the need for leaving their current location. This technology allows people to travel places that don’t exist. Special virtual reality software and hardware like head-mounted displays (HMD) and [...]
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03 May 2018
future of virtual reality

What Will Ecommerce Look Like 10 years from Now When Virtual Reality Becomes Common?

Most retailers are in the continuous search of convenient tools that would be able to help them increase important marketing metrics such as customer retention, brand awareness, and the number of sales. It is where modern technologies can come in useful. And the future of virtual reality (VR) will be tightly connected to both online [...]
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