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15 Jan 2019
virtual reality software developers

How Much Does a Virtual Reality App Cost?

In 2020, nobody thinks of virtual reality in the context of games or entertainment only. Of course, VR-based games with totally immersive experiences are very popular, and many of them are produced every year. However, virtual reality is proving its value in many other industries - healthcare, education, e-commerce, specialized training, sports, military, and so [...]
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13 Sep 2018
vr entertainment

Virtual Reality for the Entertainment Market: All You Need to Know to Make Investment Decisions

People spend a lot of time and money on video games, social networks, cinema, amusement parks, music concerts, and sports games. Most likely, virtual reality will not replace these entertainments, but it can make them more inclusive and immersive. In the last few years, using virtual reality for entertainment has been mainly experimental. Now the [...]
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30 Jul 2018
vr apps development travel

How Travel Businesses Can Use Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) technology is becoming even more accessible. Thanks to this, the use of virtual reality extends far beyond games and entertainment. It is an excellent marketing tool that can be successfully used in tourism. Today, it is not enough to describe the benefits of the destination, airlines or hotels to persuade customers to [...]
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16 Jul 2018
vr app development for schools

How Schools Are Making Use of VR in Classrooms

Every teacher knows that there is nothing worse than a bored class. When the students are not actively engaged, the education process loses on all fronts - the knowledge and skills are not absorbed, and the discipline in the classroom may go wayward. It is especially prominent with young children who just cannot keep their [...]
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18 Jun 2018
vr apps automotive

4 Virtual Reality Applications in the Automotive Industry

In most industries including automotive, the implementation of modern technologies is one of the major factors for success in highly competitive markets. Virtual Reality (VR) is one of these technologies that can help auto businesses get a number of significant benefits. Use cases VR enables users to interact freely with three-dimensional objects within virtual environments [...]
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15 Jun 2018
virtual reality software developers

How to Create Content for a VR App

Hardly any other application is so content-dependent as virtual reality. For its primary purpose, VR is supposed to create realistic immersive experiences making us forget that we are, in fact, in a virtual space. Thus, the requirements of the content used in virtual reality are extremely high. In addition to the graphics quality of the [...]
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30 May 2018

What Is the Difference between Augmented and Virtual Reality?

We come across references to virtual reality and augmented reality on a daily basis. For many people, these concepts are often confused and seem to mean the same things. We decided to throw some light on these areas of development, show the differences between them and look briefly at the technologies behind each of them. [...]
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30 May 2018
VR applications

What Virtual Reality Is and How It Works: The Complete Guide

Until recently virtual reality was a fantasy. But today this immersive technology is profoundly penetrating our lives. Virtual Reality (VR) enables users to experience artificial environment without the need for leaving their current location. This technology allows people to travel places that don’t exist. Special virtual reality software and hardware like head-mounted displays (HMD) and [...]
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13 Dec 2017
Virtual Reality in meditation

How Virtual Reality and Biofeedback Can Improve Meditation Experience

Why would Google, Aetna, and the United States Marine Corps payout for their employees to train mindfulness? It is because an investment in the smooth workplace functioning pays them back. Since ancient times, the essence of all meditation techniques remains the same: to increase mindfulness and allow gaining peace and clarity of present moment awareness. [...]
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