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VR App Development

15 Jan 2019
virtual reality software developers

How Much Does a Virtual Reality App Cost?

In 2020, nobody thinks of virtual reality in the context of games or entertainment only. Of course, VR-based games with totally immersive experiences are very popular, and many of them are produced every year. However, virtual reality is proving its value in many other industries - healthcare, education, e-commerce, specialized training, sports, military, and so [...]
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31 Oct 2018
virtual reality in marketing

All You Need to Know about Virtual Reality in Marketing

In 2019, nobody questions the axiom that people no longer want to read too much promotional content. Everyone wants to be shown, and this is the strategy that content marketing has been using for a while. Today, however, marketing is taking one step further and makes us not only see the content but experience it, [...]
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16 Oct 2018
manufacturing vr training

Virtual Reality in Manufacturing

Virtual reality in manufacturing? You must be joking. There is hardly any industry that is more physical than manufacturing, and virtual reality is… well, virtual. At the same time, joking aside, VR applications in the manufacturing industry are quite numerous, and it looks very likely that its adoption is going to increase. The research by [...]
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17 Sep 2018
vr app development in construction

4 Ways to Use Virtual Reality in Construction Industry

Virtual reality (VR) is “threatening” to change the construction industry in the near future. VR technologies are far beyond the stage when it’s only gaming that can benefit from them. Virtual reality is slowly but steadily taking roots in major industries like Oil&Gas sector, and the construction specialists have also found several beneficial ways of [...]
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04 Sep 2018
virtual reality in gaming

How Gaming Will Change with Virtual Reality

The first attempts to use virtual reality in games were made in the mid-1980s. But for a long time, VR gaming solutions were primitive and couldn't attract a mass user. The emergence of modern VR headsets such as Oculus Rift, HTC VR Vive, Sony Playstation VR, which allow you to plunge into the virtual environment, [...]
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10 Aug 2018
virtual reality charity

Virtual Reality in Charity

One of the primary goals of any charity campaign is to draw as much attention to the problem as possible and attract the maximum donations. However cynical it may seem, we are now getting used to the fact that there is always some natural disaster, environmental concern, or humanitarian crisis. Thus, charities are seeking new [...]
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08 Aug 2018
virtual reality museum

How Museums Can Stay Relevant and Make Money on Virtual Reality Technology

For the last couple of years, virtual reality (VR) took over various spheres of people’s lives. We are witnessing the times when humans are enhancing their perceptions of the real world. Therefore, virtual reality is making its way through. Today, different business owners are thinking of or already applying virtual reality technology to stay afloat [...]
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07 Aug 2018
virtual reality in military training

VR Military Training – the Next Step of Combat Evolution

As soon as the term “virtual reality” (VR) became more than just a distant concept from a sci-fi book or movie, the military was first in the line for getting the VR technology into action. The potential of reducing the cost of combat training was just too huge to remain untouched. Along with entertainment, the [...]
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30 Jul 2018
vr apps development travel

How Travel Businesses Can Use Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) technology is becoming even more accessible. Thanks to this, the use of virtual reality extends far beyond games and entertainment. It is an excellent marketing tool that can be successfully used in tourism. Today, it is not enough to describe the benefits of the destination, airlines or hotels to persuade customers to [...]
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