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Virtual Reality Training

16 Oct 2018
manufacturing vr training

Virtual Reality in Manufacturing

Virtual reality in manufacturing? You must be joking. There is hardly any industry that is more physical than manufacturing, and virtual reality is… well, virtual. At the same time, joking aside, VR applications in the manufacturing industry are quite numerous, and it looks very likely that its adoption is going to increase. The research by [...]
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08 Oct 2018
walmart training in vr

Walmart and VR training

Walmart is huge. With over 11,000 stores in 27 countries and over 2,000,000 employees, it claims to be the largest retail network in the world. The company firmly believes that people are what is holding this enormous enterprise together and gives a lot of attention to training its staff. In 2017, Walmart launched its Walmart [...]
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19 Apr 2018
aviation vr training

Using Virtual Reality to Prepare People with the Most Dangerous Jobs for High-Risk Situations

Virtual reality (VR) used to be associated with gaming and other entertainment uses. A corporate world wasn’t taking it seriously. Any innovations in the virtual reality technology were estimated as next toys or fantasies. However, when the advantages of VR technology became obvious for many industries, the world realized its great potential. Even though entertaining [...]
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