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04 Apr 2018
Chatbot booking screenshot

10 Reasons Why a Chatbot Should Be Your Best Business Friend

There are 24 hours in a day. We can't make it longer. However, what we can do is to increase our productivity to be able to accomplish more while working less. All use innovative technologies. To complete all planned tasks, employees often do multiple things at the same time. However, multitasking negatively influences work efficiency [...]
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04 Jan 2018
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Skills and Technologies Driving Chatbot Innovation

Do you remember old chatbots - originally incapable of anything but offering pre-scripted spam ads? The “ask, and you shall receive” concept hasn’t actually worked until recent days. Chabots aren’t new in the tech world, though they have hit the mainstream only in 2016. It was the first wave of AI technology introduced to the [...]
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22 Mar 2017

25 Best Platforms to Build a Chatbot

Chatbots are becoming incredibly popular. Today it’s hard to believe the most powerful brands can dispense with them. When it comes to customer satisfaction, bots are supposed to be the front-runners in different industries. They help minimize human efforts, boost sales and make customer experience delightful and seamless. How do you create a chatbot? Actually, [...]
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