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22 May 2018
chatbot development screenshot

What is a Сhatbot? The Guide for Rookies

“Chatbot” is short for “chatting robot”, that is, a robot that is supposed to chat with you. Basically, a chatbot is a piece of software that imitates human conversation. However, this explanation does not show the wide variety of possible chatbot implementations and does little justice to the technology behind it. Thus, let’s look at [...]
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16 Mar 2018
what way bots are used in

5 Great Things Chatbots Can Do and What It Means for Your Business

With large amounts of money spent on customer support, companies miss numerous benefits of virtual assistants. In our article, we will cover the main functional aspects of chatbots, how they can impact business success, and what ways chatbots are used in. Chatbots are services enabled with specific rules and, in some cases, artificial intelligence (AI). [...]
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