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Cost of VR

15 Jan 2019
virtual reality software developers

How Much Does a Virtual Reality App Cost in 2019?

In 2019, nobody thinks of virtual reality in the context of games or entertainment only. Of course, VR-based games with totally immersive experiences are very popular, and many of them are produced every year. However, virtual reality is proving its value in many other industries - healthcare, education, e-commerce, specialized training, sports, military, and so [...]
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10 May 2018
virtual reality for real estate

How Much Will it Cost to Create Virtual Reality for Real-Estate Tour?

There are not probably too many customer-facing industries that benefit from virtual reality more than real estate does. People wishing to buy or rent a house or an apartment will rarely do it without visiting the property. Such visits, especially when the customers want to see more than one house, usually take a lot of [...]
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10 Jan 2018
how much does the virtual reality cost

What Does the Price for a Virtual Reality App Depend on?

Virtual reality applications become one of the major focuses for numerous app developers. With its fast growth, the virtual reality (VR) technology will soon become a reality. What is the virtual reality price and how much should business be ready to spend to create a virtual reality app? In its report, Statista forecasts the global [...]
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