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Chatbot Innovations

16 Apr 2019
voice chatbots for maintenance and inspections

Voice Chatbots for Maintenance and Inspections

Imagine that you are a service engineer at an industrial enterprise. A huge industrial enterprise. Every day, you deal with very sophisticated and - let’s face it - very expensive equipment. Moreover, you have a couple of dozens of different units that have different service and maintenance procedures. Servicing complex equipment requires solid knowledge of [...]
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04 Jan 2018
Watson virtual agent screenshot

Skills and Technologies Driving Chatbot Innovation

Do you remember old chatbots - originally incapable of anything but offering pre-scripted spam ads? The “ask, and you shall receive” concept hasn’t actually worked until recent days. Chabots aren’t new in the tech world, though they have hit the mainstream only in 2016. It was the first wave of AI technology introduced to the [...]
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