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09 Jan 2018
Daily Fitbot screenshot

Chatbot Techniques that Can Increase Customer Engagement for Health and Fitness Brands

For fitness brands, mobile applications are a significant step towards increasing customer retention and engagement. An application downloaded to a mobile device is always with the user ensuring the greater presence of the fitness brand. What’s more, fitness apps are a good solution for our busy schedules when squeezing in some gym time is next [...]
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04 Jan 2018
Watson virtual agent screenshot

Skills and Technologies Driving Chatbot Innovation

Do you remember old chatbots - originally incapable of anything but offering pre-scripted spam ads? The “ask, and you shall receive” concept hasn’t actually worked until recent days. Chabots aren’t new in the tech world, though they have hit the mainstream only in 2016. It was the first wave of AI technology introduced to the [...]
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14 Dec 2017
chatbot for healthcare

What Technology Is Required to Create a Chatbot for Patient Care?

New technologies change the way we experience healthcare services. Patient care digital solutions, such as chatbots, cannot replace real doctors but can bring significant benefits to both healthcare providers/technology vendors and patients. How can you build a patient care chatbot? Patient care is a term meaning any interaction between healthcare providers and patients that is [...]
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29 Nov 2017
Subway FreshDirect Cheesecak Chatbot

How Grocers and Food Brands Fuel Conversations with Their Consumers Using Chatbots

Many retailers worldwide continuously wonder how they can improve their marketing strategy and get closer to customers. Are retail chatbots profitable tools for food brands? Сhatbots communicate with users, provide them with necessary information about menus and healthy recipes, or even trigger some virtual actions, such as adding dishes to a cart or closing an [...]
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25 Nov 2017

Burberry, Victoria’s Secret, Tommy Hilfiger: How Major Fashion Retailers Experiment with Chatbots

It is common knowledge that commerce now shows a general tendency towards moving online. Fashion brands are also keeping up to speed and implementing online shopping platforms in addition to their traditional offline stores. Most retailers develop mobile applications to make online shopping increasingly easier and quicker for their customers. At the same time, with [...]
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03 Oct 2017
Financial chatbot

Chatbots for Expense Tracking: an Emerging Trend in Finance

It is the end of the month, and you are running out of cash. Where did your money go? A trip to Europe, your brother’s birthday, that debt you had to pay…something else? Ask your money saving chatbot. Personal bot assistants that help users save money Trim, Plum, Cleo, and Chip are just a few [...]
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22 Mar 2017

25 Best Platforms to Build a Chatbot

Chatbots are becoming incredibly popular. Today it’s hard to believe the most powerful brands can dispense with them. When it comes to customer satisfaction, bots are supposed to be the front-runners in different industries. They help minimize human efforts, boost sales and make customer experience delightful and seamless. How do you create a chatbot? Actually, [...]
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