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16 Apr 2019
voice chatbots for maintenance and inspections

Voice Chatbots for Maintenance and Inspections

Imagine that you are a service engineer at an industrial enterprise. A huge industrial enterprise. Every day, you deal with very sophisticated and - let’s face it - very expensive equipment. Moreover, you have a couple of dozens of different units that have different service and maintenance procedures. Servicing complex equipment requires solid knowledge of [...]
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04 Dec 2018
chatbot telecom

Chatbots for Telecommunication Companies

Telecommunication companies, especially those serving large areas and both corporate and individual customers, tend to have huge user bases. Of course, this is what the company aims at and what their marketing departments get paid for. However, having a large user base has its flip side, and that is an extremely dense volume of incoming [...]
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14 Jun 2018
build a chatbot tommy hilfiger screenshot

How Do You Build a Personal Shopping Assistant for Messaging Platforms?

Сustomer service plays a significant role in building an effective marketing strategy. Many commercial organizations devote much time and effort to establish omnichannel customer service to build a stable core of loyal audience. Those businesses that are among leaders in providing qualified customer services get a serious advantage over their competitors. With the continuously improving [...]
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22 May 2018
chatbot development screenshot

What is a Сhatbot? The Guide for Rookies

“Chatbot” is short for “chatting robot”, that is, a robot that is supposed to chat with you. Basically, a chatbot is a piece of software that imitates human conversation. However, this explanation does not show the wide variety of possible chatbot implementations and does little justice to the technology behind it. Thus, let’s look at [...]
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14 May 2018
chatbot develop ups screenshot

Chatbots in Logistics and Supply Chain: How Do Companies Like UPS Benefit from Chatbots?

Most of us have probably interacted with chatbots one way or another - while shopping online or planning a holiday. The majority of users agree that chatbots significantly improve customer experience. Chatbots are always available, they do not make mistakes, they are intuitive and easy to use. Additionally, chatbots are a great solution for those [...]
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27 Apr 2018
cost-saving chatbot

How Chatbots Will Reduce Business Operating Costs

Let’s start with a figure - a study by Juniper Research predicts that by 2022 chatbots will save about $8 billion for businesses. The study included chatbots in the healthcare and banking industry. However, we may safely assume that in other industries the situation is about the same. What’s so special about chatbots that allows [...]
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21 Mar 2018
enterprise chatbot

Chatbots Join the Enterprise: Here Is How Exactly

Chatbots have become a significant part of today’s digital marketing strategies for numerous companies like H&M and Disney. While the use of chatbots for communication with customers and sales generation cannot surprise anyone, how can enterprise chatbots become in handy for businesses? According to a report published by Juniper Research, chatbots can cut global operational [...]
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16 Feb 2018
how to improve your customer service

How Chatbots Can Drastically Improve the Customer Service

Probably you have seen this graph quite many times, but we would like to include it here, once again. It is a precise proof that the future of customer-facing business is closely connected with messaging applications and related functionality, particularly, chatbots. Image credit: Business Insider That’s true, these days most people prefer messaging apps to [...]
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25 Jan 2018
Tommy Hilfiger chatbot screenshot

Chatbots in Questions and Answers, or Why You Should Get a Chatbot Before Your Competitor Does

Currently, one of the dominating trends in ecommerce is the fusion of online shopping and messaging applications. This model has earned the name “conversational commerce” and is literally changing the way people shop online. Chatting with a virtual shop assistant adds the personalization that traditional online shopping lacks. The customers appreciate it for the new [...]
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