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Augmented Reality

11 Dec 2017
augmented reality cosmetics

How Beauty Care Companies Can Combine Augmented Reality with Chatbots for Customized Online Experience

Augmented reality (AR) is a perfect match for the beauty industry, for this is where customers tend to try the products on before buying them. Each face is unique, so it is essential to be sure that this particular shade goes well with the person’s color type. Augmented reality suits this purpose to the maximum, allowing [...]
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06 Dec 2017
augmented reality tattoo

How to Build an On-Demand Service for Tattoo and Beauty Salons Using Augmented Reality

When the on-demand economy started transforming businesses, it didn't leave the beauty industry behind. Owners of salon chains and startups have launched on-demand beauty platforms. These platforms offer quick and easy access to beauticians at a time that is best suited to customers. Using mobile technology for on-demand beauty services has made it even easier [...]
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04 Dec 2017
ikea augmented reality app

How Much Does it Cost to Build an Augmented Reality App Like IKEA Place?

Many retailers strive to find new and efficient ways to attract more customers and increase sales. In this article, we will tell you about IKEA’s new augmented reality furniture app, how you can create a similar solution, and how much money you will have to spend on such a development. Right after the release of [...]
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28 Nov 2017
face recognition algorithm

Commercial Use Cases of AR Face Recognition and Facial Tracking Apps

Face recognition and facial tracking technologies since long ago have left the universe of spy movies and science fiction and are widely used in many industries for various purposes - security, law enforcement, healthcare, entertainment, etc. Facial recognition features allow us to unlock our smartphones, gain or deny access to restricted areas, help the police [...]
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25 Nov 2017

Burberry, Victoria’s Secret, Tommy Hilfiger: How Major Fashion Retailers Experiment with Chatbots

It is common knowledge that commerce now shows a general tendency towards moving online. Fashion brands are also keeping up to speed and implementing online shopping platforms in addition to their traditional offline stores. Most retailers develop mobile applications to make online shopping increasingly easier and quicker for their customers. At the same time, with [...]
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05 Sep 2017

Virtual Makeup, Hi-Tech T-shirts and Magic Mirrors — AR in Fashion Industry

10 to 20 years from now, fashion and beauty retail will probably look completely different from the way it looks now. Virtual trying on clothes and magic mirrors with functions varying from color-changing to virtual makeup, shopping in virtual department stores like the one already launched by eBay in Australia, and so on. The adoption [...]
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28 Mar 2017
augmented reality in marketing

How Augmented Reality is Improving Marketing

Imagine a customer who walks into a local supermarket looking for cereal or a fruit yogurt. He or she scans the chosen product with a smartphone and gets access to all of the product’s information, customers’ reviews, etc. Besides, a customer gets a coupon or a rebate right on their mobile device. Or imagine a [...]
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25 Mar 2017
augmented reality jurassic

50 Best Augmented Reality Games

Augmented reality is the trend in the gaming industry at the moment. Do you remember the buzz Pokémon GO has generated? People just loved the idea of pokémons in the real world. This game has introduced the AR technology. Thankfully to Apple’s ARKit and Android’s ARCore you can play more augmented reality games like Pokemon [...]
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