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Augmented Reality

23 Jul 2018
ar apps for education

Augmented Reality in Education

Education is one of the industries that is very actively being disrupted by technology and digitalization. Today, school and university students no longer want to learn only by reading books and copying texts. No, they want the power of technology in their classrooms. On the other hand, bringing technology to schools and universities raises the [...]
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13 Jul 2018
jewelry augmented reality

How to Sell Jewelry Using Augmented Reality

Today jewelry brands face many challenges. First of all, jewelry is a complex and expensive product. Therefore, there’s a constant need to justify the high price and explain the value of each type of gemstone and metal. Secondly, the jewelry industry is becoming outdated because many retailers have been slow to build a web presence. [...]
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21 Jun 2018
virtual reality in aviation

How Virtual and Augmented Reality Are Used in Aviation Training and Other Use Cases

Proper employee training plays a significant role in the aviation industry. Since both flight deck and cabin crews are responsible for passenger lives, they have to be properly prepared for nearly any situation that can occur during a flight. For training cabin and flight deck crews, airlines often use so-called hard simulators - full-size cockpits [...]
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04 Jun 2018
augmented reality in retail

How to Increase Sales Using an AR Application

Each business producing goods or services strives to increase sales. There are different techniques of sales boost, all of them aimed either at selling more products per customer or attracting more customers. When a technique can achieve both goals, it is even better. Naturally, sales experts are looking at the technology innovations trying to use [...]
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30 May 2018

What Is the Difference between Augmented and Virtual Reality?

We come across references to virtual reality and augmented reality on a daily basis. For many people, these concepts are often confused and seem to mean the same things. We decided to throw some light on these areas of development, show the differences between them and look briefly at the technologies behind each of them. [...]
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18 May 2018
augmented reality develop

What Augmented Reality Is and How It Works: The Ultimate Tutorial

Despite the growing trend of augmented reality, many people still wonder what superimposition means and how this technology actually augments our reality. Probably you have tried some mobile apps based on augmented reality (AR) like IKEA Place, but not sure how all the magic happens on a screen of your smartphone? What are the other [...]
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11 May 2018
augmented reality app for starbucks

How Much Does It Cost to Create an In-Store Augmented Reality Experience like Starbucks?

Besides numerous industries, restaurant businesses also turn towards augmented reality (AR). At the end of 2017, Starbucks presented its in-store solution that started attracting curious visitors from all over the world. In its Starbucks Reserve Roastery, Starbucks provides its visitors with a chance to get an X-ray vision of what's going on in a giant copper [...]
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30 Apr 2018
augmented reality experience

How to Bring Value to Customer’s Shopping Experience and Increase Sales with AR

Over the last few years, augmented reality has become one of the most valuable marketing tools for numerous companies like BMW and TopShop. From gaming, augmented reality has moved to retail and ecommerce industry where it is a great tool for attracting new customers. This technology is gaining popularity across the globe. Over 50% of [...]
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03 Apr 2018
VR AR in healthcare

How VR and AR Will Change Healthcare

Virtual and augmented reality technologies have been turning into favorite tools that significantly influence various industries including healthcare. About a decade ago, we could only imagine our health being improved by these innovations. According to Arizton, the VR/AR healthcare market share will reach the value of $3 billion by 2023. Despite the fact that both [...]
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27 Mar 2018
companies using augmented reality bmw

BMW, De Beers, Tissot, Hugo Boss and Dior — the Ways Luxury Brands Are Using AR/VR

With the increasing number of mobile devices, luxury e-commerce companies started developing various solutions that differentiate them from competitors. Luxury products typically are expensive and shoppers prefer having the capability to touch what they buy. With virtual and augmented reality this becomes possible! Luxury brands use AR and VR in a number of ways. In [...]
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