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Augmented Reality Makeup

11 Dec 2017
augmented reality cosmetics

How Beauty Care Companies Can Combine Augmented Reality with Chatbots for Customized Online Experience

Augmented reality (AR) is a perfect match for the beauty industry, for this is where customers tend to try the products on before buying them. Each face is unique, so it is essential to be sure that this particular shade goes well with the person’s color type. Augmented reality suits this purpose to the maximum, allowing [...]
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28 Nov 2017
face recognition algorithm

Commercial Use Cases of AR Face Recognition and Facial Tracking Apps

Face recognition and facial tracking technologies since long ago have left the universe of spy movies and science fiction and are widely used in many industries for various purposes - security, law enforcement, healthcare, entertainment, etc. Facial recognition features allow us to unlock our smartphones, gain or deny access to restricted areas, help the police [...]
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