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Augmented Reality Development

19 Nov 2018
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Augmented Reality in Retail: Market Overview

More and more companies understand the potential of augmented reality for promoting their products. Of course, the active use of augmented reality for retail began with market giants such as IKEA, L’Oréal, Converse, Ray-Ban, and Lego. However, with the launch of platforms like ARKit from Apple and ARCore from Google for the augmented reality application [...]
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26 Mar 2018
augmented reality retail

Pancakes in a Virtual Kitchen and Online Fitting — How Retail Uses AR/VR

The cold hard statistical figures show that by 2021, the market of augmented reality and virtual reality will reach 215 billion US dollars. Of course, the largest share is occupied by video games and other entertainment. However, the retail industry is also making use of these advanced technologies. Image credit: Statista Through AR and VR, [...]
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08 Feb 2018
AR in architecture

How to Build an AR App to Create Floor Plans

Today it’s difficult to find somebody who’s never heard of augmented reality (AR). Looking for a new house or renovation usually takes a lot of time and effort. Augmented reality floor plan apps make things much easier. What are AR floor plan apps, and how do they work? How to create such augmented reality apps [...]
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06 Feb 2018
AR in insurance

How Augmented Reality Impacts the Insurance Industry: 7 Use Cases of AR Applications

Augmented reality (AR) obviously cannot transform the whole insurance industry. However, AR technology has the potential to change the way insurance services are promoted significantly. Furthermore, various companies have started using a real-world view with computer-generated information in some advanced ways. How exactly can insurers benefit from augmented reality and use it as an effective [...]
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17 Jan 2018
AR for cocktails

10 Use Cases of Using Augmented Reality for Beverage Tasting

Augmented reality (AR) has a lot to offer businesses that work in the food and beverage industry. It can spark customer engagement by educating, entertaining, and showing brand transparency. Augmented reality not only engages consumers, but also inspires them to see, taste, and experience your product in a new way. Considering the fact that consumers become [...]
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11 Dec 2017
augmented reality cosmetics

How Beauty Care Companies Can Combine Augmented Reality with Chatbots for Customized Online Experience

Augmented reality (AR) is a perfect match for the beauty industry, for this is where customers tend to try the products on before buying them. Each face is unique, so it is essential to be sure that this particular shade goes well with the person’s color type. Augmented reality suits this purpose to the maximum, allowing [...]
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