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Augmented Reality Application Development

12 Jun 2019

How to Make an Augmented Reality App with Vuforia and Unity3D

Augmented reality (AR) is taking an increasingly firm hold in many industries. This technology of overlaying virtual objects over the real surroundings has stepped far beyond its initial use cases of games and other entertainment products. In 2018, AR became a useful tool for education, e-commerce, advertising, construction and design, and professional training. In each [...]
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02 May 2019
ar app crown royal

How to Use Augmented Reality to Tell Brands History in the Beverage Industry

Most great products have a history. For some, it is a brilliant idea that struck gold; for others, it is years of hard labor that delivered the perfect result. Histories of some iconic beverages are more fascinating than adventure novels, and sometimes the story behind the bottle is as attractive and exciting as its content. [...]
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06 Nov 2018
augmented reality sdk

10 Top Augmented Reality SDKs for AR Development in 2019

Augmented reality (AR) is on the rise now as many industries recognize its advantages. AR applications serve such fields as education, commerce, military, tourism, entertainment with new use cases appearing almost every month. Such increased attention creates a higher demand for the development of augmented reality apps. On the other hand, brands manufacturing mobile devices [...]
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15 Mar 2018
how much does it cost to make an app

How Much Does an Augmented Reality App Cost?

Numerous technology experts forecast a significant change in the augmented reality app development cost in 2020. How much does it cost to make an app with the augmented reality feature this year? How will augmented reality development cost differ from the one of 2019? Let’s clear things out. The cost of a mobile AR app directly [...]
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26 Feb 2018
apps like amazon

How Much Does it Cost to Build an Augmented Reality App like Amazon AR View?

The use of augmented reality immediately raises an e-commerce brand to a completely new level. A customer who has tried AR-enhanced shopping once will look forward to other similar experiences and will rather prefer AR-driven commerce to traditional methods. What’s so attractive in AR applications for commerce? The main advantage is the possibility to try [...]
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19 Feb 2018
augmented reality in corporate training

How Augmented Reality Improves the Efficiency of Corporate Training

The success of each company rather depends on the professionalism of their teams than technologies and tools these organizations use. Apart from the fact that companies spend a lot of time and effort on employing the right people, after hiring them, these organizations spend time and money on corporate training to make sure their employees [...]
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23 Jan 2018
augmented reality for restaurants

How Much Does It Cost to Build an AR App for Food Menu like KabaQ

Augmented reality (AR) is among the most discussed technology trends over the last few years. Numerous industries including the food sector use augmented reality mostly for education, entertainment, and advertising purposes. How can augmented reality technology help restaurant businesses attract more clients? The practice shows that the most efficient way to use augmented reality is to engage, [...]
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06 Dec 2017
augmented reality tattoo

How to Build an On-Demand Service for Tattoo and Beauty Salons Using Augmented Reality

When the on-demand economy started transforming businesses, it didn't leave the beauty industry behind. Owners of salon chains and startups have launched on-demand beauty platforms. These platforms offer quick and easy access to beauticians at a time that is best suited to customers. Using mobile technology for on-demand beauty services has made it even easier [...]
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