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13 Nov 2018
augmented reality for advertising

How to Create an Augmented Reality Advertising Campaign

Nowadays consumers are so accustomed to a large amount of advertising information that they mainly do not respond to it. The strategy in which a person is pushed to purchase is fading. Native advertisement, unlike traditional display ads, works great, awakening a natural interest in the product. Augmented reality (AR) is an ideal tool for implementing [...]
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06 Nov 2018
augmented reality sdk

10 Top Augmented Reality SDKs for AR Development in 2019

Augmented reality (AR) is on the rise now as many industries recognize its advantages. AR applications serve such fields as education, commerce, military, tourism, entertainment with new use cases appearing almost every month. Such increased attention creates a higher demand for the development of augmented reality apps. On the other hand, brands manufacturing mobile devices [...]
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25 Oct 2018
ar application

Augmented Reality in Travel: How AR Can Enrich Tourists’ Experiences While on Vacation

Let's imagine the traveler who is only planning a vacation. Before going on a journey, the traveler needs to find out transport routes and timetables, places to stay, local attractions, entertainments, and food. There is a large amount of reference information for tourists. It is remarkably difficult to distinguish your business from other travel companies [...]
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11 Oct 2018
augmented reality glasses in avaition

How Augmented Reality is Used in Commercial Aviation

The market of commercial aviation is highly competitive, and companies are always looking for ways to improve their productivity level and optimize the working process. First of all, aircraft construction involves complex manufacturing processes that require a high degree of concentration and precision. A mistake here might cost the company millions of dollars. Besides that, [...]
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27 Sep 2018
augmented reality app development

Augmented Reality in Military: AR Can Enhance Warfare and Training

The military sector has always been at the forefront of using emerging technological advancements for the purposes of training and combat enhancements. And augmented reality (AR) is no exception. Far before Snapchat released its filters (which is the simplest form of AR) and augmented reality mobile app development wasn’t a thing, the army had already [...]
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25 Sep 2018
augmented reality app development cost

Pick-by-Vision with Augmented Reality to Solve the Problem of Inaccurate Inventory in the Warehouse

Inventory accounting, especially for large warehouses, is a complicated and troublesome task. Inaccurate inventory is usually caused by inefficient management systems that don't contain up-to-date information on stocks and can't prevent workers from making mistakes. The majority of warehouses still use paper-based management systems. But such an approach is slow, inaccurate and error-prone. Today, there [...]
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20 Sep 2018
ar in entertainment screenshot

From Games to Music to Sports: How Augmented Reality is Changing Entertainment

In this article, we have taken up a rather ambitious goal, as the term “entertainment” covers quite a number of different industries - music, movies, live shows, games - and all of them can benefit from using augmented reality. Nevertheless, we will try to show how augmented reality can be used in various entertainment industries [...]
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31 Aug 2018
ar application charity

AR Apps Can Increase the Effectiveness of Fundraising for Charities and Nonprofits

Often, due to the lack of initial funding and resources, nonprofit organizations cannot afford to launch massive promotional campaigns to attract attention to their cause. However, more and more charitable organizations have started to recognize the benefits of using advanced technologies. One of our articles is dedicated to the possibilities that VR can bring to [...]
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21 Aug 2018
ar app for oil and gas industry

Augmented Reality in the Oil and Gas Industries Can Reduce the Costs and Increase Efficiency

The oil and gas industry has always been slow at adopting new technologies. But no longer so. The potential of technological innovations and the threat from new entrants with their clean energy projects have been pushing companies in the oil and gas sector to transform the way they work. The organizations across the sector are [...]
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01 Aug 2018
augmented reality apps for museums

How to Use Augmented Reality in Museums: Examples and Use Cases

With augmented reality (AR), museums can reach a completely new level of interaction and help you rediscover the world. It is difficult to overestimate the role the museums and galleries play in our society and lives. They are responsible for preserving and displaying objects of historical value so that we could enrich our knowledge or just [...]
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