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AR Technology

23 Nov 2018
augmented reality in telecommunication

Why Telecom Companies Should Use AR

Telecommunication companies providing the service for other advanced technological solutions are working hard to keep abreast with the evolving market. One of their main priorities is to keep the service level as high as possible. Today, telecommunications are at the core of many systems maintaining the routine existence of the humankind - logistics, healthcare, emergency [...]
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19 Nov 2018
ar app zara

Augmented Reality in Retail: Market Overview

More and more companies understand the potential of augmented reality for promoting their products. Of course, the active use of augmented reality for retail began with market giants such as IKEA, L’Oréal, Converse, Ray-Ban, and Lego. However, with the launch of platforms like ARKit from Apple and ARCore from Google for the augmented reality application [...]
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