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AR for Retail

19 Nov 2018
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Augmented Reality in Retail: Market Overview

More and more companies understand the potential of augmented reality for promoting their products. Of course, the active use of augmented reality for retail began with market giants such as IKEA, L’Oréal, Converse, Ray-Ban, and Lego. However, with the launch of platforms like ARKit from Apple and ARCore from Google for the augmented reality application [...]
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26 Mar 2018
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Pancakes in a Virtual Kitchen and Online Fitting — How Retail Uses AR/VR

The cold hard statistical figures show that by 2021, the market of augmented reality and virtual reality will reach 215 billion US dollars. Of course, the largest share is occupied by video games and other entertainment. However, the retail industry is also making use of these advanced technologies. Image credit: Statista Through AR and VR, [...]
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26 Feb 2018
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How Much Does it Cost to Build an Augmented Reality App like Amazon AR View?

The use of augmented reality immediately raises an e-commerce brand to a completely new level. A customer who has tried AR-enhanced shopping once will look forward to other similar experiences and will rather prefer AR-driven commerce to traditional methods. What’s so attractive in AR applications for commerce? The main advantage is the possibility to try [...]
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