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12 Jun 2019

How to Make an Augmented Reality App with Vuforia and Unity3D

Augmented reality (AR) is taking an increasingly firm hold in many industries. This technology of overlaying virtual objects over the real surroundings has stepped far beyond its initial use cases of games and other entertainment products. In 2018, AR became a useful tool for education, e-commerce, advertising, construction and design, and professional training. In each [...]
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26 Nov 2018
augmented reality in construction

How Augmented Reality Is Used in the Construction Industry to Save Money and Speed Up Projects

AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) sector has been out there longer than many other industries on our planet. That is one of the reasons why new technologies are implemented slower than in other domains. That fact has been confirmed by the McKinsey Global Institute Industry Digitization Index, according to which the Construction industry takes second-to-last [...]
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19 Nov 2018
ar app zara

Augmented Reality in Retail: Market Overview

More and more companies understand the potential of augmented reality for promoting their products. Of course, the active use of augmented reality for retail began with market giants such as IKEA, L’Oréal, Converse, Ray-Ban, and Lego. However, with the launch of platforms like ARKit from Apple and ARCore from Google for the augmented reality application [...]
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13 Nov 2018
augmented reality for advertising

How to Create an Augmented Reality Advertising Campaign

Nowadays consumers are so accustomed to a large amount of advertising information that they mainly do not respond to it. The strategy in which a person is pushed to purchase is fading. Native advertisement, unlike traditional display ads, works great, awakening a natural interest in the product. Augmented reality (AR) is an ideal tool for implementing [...]
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04 Oct 2018
augmented reality app development

When Glasses-Based Augmented Reality Happens, Expect to Develop for These 4 Futuristic Uses

Today, augmented reality (AR) is most often seen through a smartphone camera. However, the technology seems to be bursting from these restraints and gradually finding uses more comfortable than holding a smartphone in front of your eyes all the time. Wearable devices, such as AR glasses, are now the object of research and development by [...]
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27 Sep 2018
augmented reality app development

Augmented Reality in Military: AR Can Enhance Warfare and Training

The military sector has always been at the forefront of using emerging technological advancements for the purposes of training and combat enhancements. And augmented reality (AR) is no exception. Far before Snapchat released its filters (which is the simplest form of AR) and augmented reality mobile app development wasn’t a thing, the army had already [...]
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20 Sep 2018
ar in entertainment screenshot

From Games to Music to Sports: How Augmented Reality is Changing Entertainment

In this article, we have taken up a rather ambitious goal, as the term “entertainment” covers quite a number of different industries - music, movies, live shows, games - and all of them can benefit from using augmented reality. Nevertheless, we will try to show how augmented reality can be used in various entertainment industries [...]
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23 Jul 2018
ar apps for education

Augmented Reality in Education

Education is one of the industries that is very actively being disrupted by technology and digitalization. Today, school and university students no longer want to learn only by reading books and copying texts. No, they want the power of technology in their classrooms. On the other hand, bringing technology to schools and universities raises the [...]
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04 Jun 2018
augmented reality in retail

How to Increase Sales Using an AR Application

Each business producing goods or services strives to increase sales. There are different techniques of sales boost, all of them aimed either at selling more products per customer or attracting more customers. When a technique can achieve both goals, it is even better. Naturally, sales experts are looking at the technology innovations trying to use [...]
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