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14 Jun 2018
build a chatbot tommy hilfiger screenshot

How Do You Build a Personal Shopping Assistant for Messaging Platforms?

Сustomer service plays a significant role in building an effective marketing strategy. Many commercial organizations devote much time and effort to establish omnichannel customer service to build a stable core of loyal audience. Those businesses that are among leaders in providing qualified customer services get a serious advantage over their competitors. With the continuously improving [...]
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03 Oct 2017
Financial chatbot

Chatbots for Expense Tracking: an Emerging Trend in Finance

It is the end of the month, and you are running out of cash. Where did your money go? A trip to Europe, your brother’s birthday, that debt you had to pay…something else? Ask your money saving chatbot. Personal bot assistants that help users save money Trim, Plum, Cleo, and Chip are just a few [...]
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22 Mar 2017

25 Best Platforms to Build a Chatbot

Chatbots are becoming incredibly popular. Today it’s hard to believe the most powerful brands can dispense with them. When it comes to customer satisfaction, bots are supposed to be the front-runners in different industries. They help minimize human efforts, boost sales and make customer experience delightful and seamless. How do you create a chatbot? Actually, [...]
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