Smart Home with Facebook Messenger AI Chatbot

Valeriia Kyselova
Account Manager

Forget about voice control. Netatmo introduced the AI chatbot on CES 2018.

It is a tool to control smart gadgets and devices in the house. The user can talk and control all their connected devices using a chatbot in Messenger.

Netatmo works with different platforms, including voice control systems such as Siri and Apple’s HomeKit, an Amazon Echo device, Alexa, Google Home and now with Facebook Messenger.

The users can type straightforward queries such as “turn off the light in the bathroom”, ”play the next track” or even ask to adjust the temperature in the room.

The chatbot applies AI learning, so it is getting smarter. Soon people would ask some common questions about the weather or who’s at home.

The idea of the smart house is still getting its popularity, but this app is a huge step forward. People could connect to their devices just with the phone and through all platforms.

The AI chatbot for house supports communication in English; additional languages are expected to be implemented this year.

Just open a new chat in Messenger and start talking.

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