Singapore Airlines Launch Their Own AI Chatbot

Catherine Strohanova
Business Development Manager

Singapore Airlines extend digital customer service channels and launch a beta chatbot to process incoming requests from passengers.

The AI chatbot called «Kris» will be available on Singapore Airlines’ global official Facebook page and shortly is announced to appear on

Visitors to the company’s Facebook page will get the possibility to communicate with Kris via Facebook Messenger, sending inquiries to the bot regarding the upcoming flights.

Now the chatbot works as a beta, but it is continuously acquiring new skills. The travel chatbot can send messages in English concerning the rules of carrying baggage, check-in for a flight, book tickets online and other travel features with children.

Operating on the data accumulated over a long period of time, Kris AI chatbot was trained to answer the questions on popular searches from the site, as well as to the questions that most often come to the reservation service.

Kris gradually got the skills of dialogue, as a result of learning to quickly and efficiently provide users with the necessary information. Singapore Airlines are continuously working on improving their own digital solutions, so they involved a team of full-time specialists.

Marvin Tan, senior vice president of Singapore Airlines customer service, says that customers are dramatically changing their preferences.

Thanks to Kris, the company can get and implement feedback into real changes, not only through contact centers and e-mails in communication with passengers.

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