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Jasoren helps you build a remote development team that you manage without third-party interference. Your team, your rules, your success - just like if you were working with in-house developers.

Setting up a managed team with us is a great way to connect with experienced developers while optimizing your software development budget. Our business model allows you to not only hire full-time software developers but also achieve significant reductions in costs for labor and administration.

We offer:

While you focus on the development process, we’ll provide support staff to manage HR processes, payroll, insurance, hardware, and all the other back-office work that goes into setting up a dedicated development center.

  • Talented developers. We preselect candidates based on your requirements, and then you personally interview and approve each member of your team.
  • Fully-equipped workspaces. Your managed team will work from one of our development centers. Your programmers will be provided with all the necessary hardware and software, secured networks, IP telephones,
    conference rooms, kitchens, and comfy lounges.
  • Support and consulting. You and your developers enjoy daily support and consulting provided by our account managers, HR specialists, system
    administrators, office managers, and travel coordinators.
  • Team retention. Our retention specialists will keep your team’s job satisfaction at a consistent high. Your developers will take part in tech
    events, conferences, team-building activities, and corporate outings.
  • Back-office services. We take care of HR, payroll and taxes for your team.
  • Flexibility. Increase or decrease the size of your team as needed. Just let us know a month in advance.
  • Cost reduction. Our clients report saving of up to 55% in labor costs thanks to our partnership.

How we work


Zero-cost custom IT recruitment

We screen and recruit developers for your remote software development team for free, no hidden fees or upfront costs.

No need to spend on office space and workstations

Building a development team with us is just like opening your own development center in another city, but without having to deal with the administrative and legal issues that come with it. We provide dedicated office space and workstations, which means there’s no need for you to buy new hardware or sign a lease on a rental property.

With our model, you’ll be able to save on software development without sacrificing quality. In fact, lower labor costs mean you’re likely to work with developers who are more skilled and experienced than those you could afford locally.

Estimation cost

Local developerRemote developer
1IOS/Android dev, gross fixed salaries (66,000 £ per year- IT Salary Guide Randstad 2018)£ 5,500.00£ 4,300.00
2Taxes – 43%£ 2,365.00£ 0.00
3Benefits£ 400,00£ 0.00
4Office rental, Human Resources£ 300,00£ 0.00
5Insurance£ 300,00£ 0.00
6Recruitment agency fees, once 20% of annual salary / 3years / 12 months£ 367,00£ 0.00
Total cost per month£ 9,232.00£ 4,300.00
Total cost per year£ 110,352.00£ 51,600.00
Total expenditures for 3 years£ 332,352.00£ 154,800.00

Estimation cost

Total cost per month, GBP
1. IOS/Android dev, gross fixed salaries (66,000 £ per year- IT Salary Guide Randstad 2018)

Local developer – £ 5,500.00

Remote develope – £ 4,300.00

2. Taxes – 43%

Local developer – £ 2,365.00

Remote developer – £ 0.00

3. Benefits

Local developer – £ 400,00

Remote developer – £ 0.00

4. Office rental, Human Resources

Local developer – £ 300,00

Remote developer – £ 0.00

5. Insurance

Local developer – £ 300,00

Remote developer – £ 0.00

6. Recruitment agency fees, once 20% of annual salary / 3years / 12 months

Local developer – £ 367,00

Remote developer – £ 0.00

Total cost per month

Local developer – £ 9,232.00

Remote developer – £ 4,300.00

Total cost per year

Local developer – £ 110,352.00

Remote developer – £ 51,600.00

Total expenditures for 3 years

Local developer – £ 332,352.00

Remote developer – £ 154,800.00


Remote developer – £ 59,184.00


Remote developer – £ 177,55.00

Working with managed developers doesn’t have to be stressful for your in-house team. You should be able to use the tools you like to manage and communicate with your software development team. That’s what our model is all about.

Flexibility and 100% customized software development team is what you can expect from Jasoren.

How does it work? FAQ

What types of services do you offer?

Jasoren builds, maintains, and supports dedicated offshore software development teams managed directly by our clients and provides recruitment service for those interested in hiring developers to work in the remote office.

How much do you charge for recruitment?

When you build a development team with us, recruitment comes without any additional charges. You don’t pay us anything until you find a developer that meets your needs. After that, you’ll pay a fixed monthly fee for each developer. All further recruitment and replacement services come free of charge, whether you’re making changes to your existing team or considering a major expansion.

How long does it take you to build a software development team from scratch?

Typically, it takes about 3–4 weeks to build a team, though the exact time frame depends on the type and number of developers you need. And most important – it highly depends on the speed of client’s answers when we present the CV’s. If you’re looking for developers with a unique or rare skillset, don’t be surprised if it takes just a little longer to find the right fit.

How do you make sure the developers you find for me will fit my needs?

Once you’ve given us your requirements, our recruiters search our extensive database until they find candidates that fit. After that, you personally interview the candidates you’re interested in and approve the best ones. We can organize as many interview stages as you need to make sure you hire the right people, including code reviews, test assignments, and references from previous employers.

What is the average hourly rate of the software developers you provide?

We bill you on a monthly basis, rather than hourly. The exact cost of your remote software development team will vary depending on the number and salary expectations of the developers you hire with us.

To give you a ballpark estimate of what to expect in terms of costs for a team, we need to know the number of developers you’re interested in hiring, their level of seniority, and what skills they need to have to be a good match for your company.

If you already have a good idea of what you’re looking for, let us know and we can get back to you with a quote. The more information you give to us, the more accurate price will be offered to you in a short period of time regarding the suitable candidates.

Does the price depend on the duration of the project?

Whatever the duration of the service, the tariff remains the same. However, we are ready to negotiate the discount for contracts which are over 18 months.

Who pays for vacations and sick leave?

Vacations of 24 calendar days and sick leaves are paid by a client.

Are there any cancellation fees if I decide to stop working with you, and how the contract will be terminated?

None whatsoever. Either party may terminate this Agreement for any reason with one month’s notice from the end of the calendar month in which the notice period is given.

What are the costs associated with setting up a team?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that there are no costs associated with setting up a team with us. We’ll provide your developers with everything they need to get started, including hardware, software, equipment, furniture, office supplies, and support staff.

I’m only looking for one developer. Can you help?

Absolutely. We have several long-term clients with one-developer teams. We can also help if you’re interested in building out your team in the future.

I need a large engineering team. Can you help?

Sure. We have many big teams, and we’ll help you build or expand yours at no additional cost.

What is the minimum contract period?

The minimum term of the contract is 6 months.

Do your developers have experience with Agile?

Of course, they do. Agile is the most commonly used development methodology, and over 2/3 of the developers we hire have worked on Agile projects before. We also offer Agile training and consulting as an optional service to help you and your team stay synchronized and effective.

What sort of HR/administrative support do you provide for your clients?

A dedicated HR/Client Manager will be assigned to your team so that you’ll always know how your developers are doing and can get advice on project management best practices. Our accounting and legal teams will deal with all the administrative issues including payroll, taxes, and social contributions for your offshore software developers.

What type of support will my developers have from you?

Our office managers and system administrators will make sure your team’s working process is running smoothly. Our retention managers will organize team-building events to help your developers build stronger personal bonds.

What do I need to manage my team?

Since we don’t put a management layer between you and your developers, you’re the one running your team. That means you need to have an in-house specialist with a technical background capable of managing remote software developers. If you don’t have someone like that on-site, and if you don’t want to hire one locally, you can add a team lead with Jasoren. Overall, running your remote team won’t be all that different from running an in-house team.

What if I’m not satisfied with the developers I hire with you?

It doesn’t happen often, but if you feel dissatisfied with one or more of your engineers, let your HR/Client Manager at Jasoren know immediately. We’ll do our best to improve the way you and your new developers cooperate. If this doesn’t work out, our recruiters will start looking for a replacement at no additional cost to you.

What will my remote team’s typical workday look like?

Each team’s working day is unique and can vary depending on time differences, internal team processes, and client preferences. The majority of our clients’ teams, however, work a regular 40-hour, Monday through Friday, week.

Since most of our partners follow Agile, the majority of our teams start their working day with a stand-up meeting. On some teams, everyone actually stands during ‘stand-ups’, and video-conferencing tools are used to replicate the feeling of meeting in person.

Another interesting technique employed by one of our clients is to have a large screen installed in each of their offices, onto which is projected real-time footage from each of the other offices. This creates the feeling of shared office space, despite the fact that the different offices can be hundreds of miles away from each other.

Another interesting technique employed by one of our clients is to have a large screen installed in each of their offices, onto which is projected real-time footage from each of the other offices. This creates the feeling of shared office space, despite the fact that the different offices can be hundreds of miles away from each other.

If you have special requirements for your team’s workspace, just let us know and we’ll adjust accordingly.

How is managing remote employees different from managing my local team?

The only difference between managing a remote team and managing a local one is that, in the case of the former, you’re not physically present in the same office. Everything else will be pretty much the same, provided that you give your remote team a good manager who has experience running a development team.

As a rule, our clients have an in-house project manager who’s in charge of managing their Jasoren team.

One alternative to having an in-house project manager who’s in charge of your remote engineers is to hire a team lead with us. Some of our clients take this approach because they don’t have an in-house employee with the right skill set, or because they believe it’s better to have someone supervising the project who works in the same space as their remote team.

When I partner with you, what’s the first step?

It all starts with recruitment. We begin by gathering your requirements for the team and then passing them to our recruiters who assemble a list of potential candidates and pre-screen them to make sure they’re likely a good fit. After that, we present you the best candidates for interview and, if all goes well, approval.

You’re free to give candidates test tasks, view their code samples, organize live coding sessions — anything to make sure the people you end up approving as members of your team are the right fit, both in terms of their skills and their personalities.

Don’t forget that an interview isn’t just an opportunity to select the best tech talent for your project. Software engineers are in as high demand as ever, so this is also your chance to help candidates understand what sets your project or company apart from the others.

Once my team is set up, what kind of support do you provide?

You manage them directly, and we’re there to handle the back-office issues that would be difficult for you to manage remotely.

  • We maintain your team’s office space, provide them with fully-equipped workstations, and make sure they have everything they need to get the job done.
  • Our retention managers keep your developers happy and motivated.
  • Our HR/Client Managers work in the same office as your team and are in touch with updates, requests from your team, and any other issues you should be aware of.
  • Jasoren’s accounting and legal teams handle all administrative issues, including taxes, payroll, insurance, and managing sick days.

What do you offer that comparable services don’t?

You literally get your own office without having to invest in office space, hire support staff, or deal with the legal formalities.

Building strong remote software development teams that last is our focus. That’s why we can offer you and your team a lot more than other outsourcing companies.

While a lot of outstaffing vendors out there will try to set clients up with developers from existing teams, our approach is to start from scratch and make sure you get the talent you’re really looking for. We undertake custom recruitment and face-to-face interviews for each client, no matter how large or small.

Another thing that sets us apart is the fact that we never “share” your software engineers with other clients. Developers are dedicated to one project at a time, which means they’re giving you their undivided attention. In our experience, that’s the best way to guarantee high-quality code and commitment to the project.

How do you make sure my intellectual property stays secure?

The offshore software developers you hire with us may work in our facilities, but the work they do belongs to you. We take extra care to make sure your intellectual property stays yours.

We sign NDAs with all of our developers and encourage you to do the same. Further, you’re welcome to use your own email servers or systems and administer your team’s workstations remotely.

Our standard security measures include restricted access to our offices, firewall, and antivirus protection, a strictly enforced password policy, and system administrator support. Additional security measures can be added at your request.

How we work

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