Virtual Reality Surgery Room

PoC Virtual Reality Application - Surgery Room in a Hospital


One of the medical institutions turned to Jasoren with the idea of creating a pilot project. Within the framework of which it would be possible to study equipment and tools in the operating room without actually visiting it in real life. Thus, this will save clinic resources and time spent on visiting a real operating room.

Quick facts

Technologies: Unreal Engine 4, 3D Studio Max, Maya

Team: Project Manager, 3D Generalist, Animator, Unreal Developer, 2D Designer, Quality Assurance

Development time: 200 hours


The project team began by generating ideas for creating a scenario for a future application.
The main idea was to make the user of the virtual reality application feel present in a real surgical room.

High detail, elaboration of the environment, and the ability to interact with surrounding objects and items immerses the user in the atmosphere of the surgical room.

As part of the pilot project, the opportunity to interact with various medical instruments and laboratory equipment was realized. It allowed students to study the instruments and equipment of the surgical room without physically occupying the surgical room.


One of the unique features of this application was the creation of a surgical room, as similar as possible to a real one, with the same medical equipment and items.

Thanks to the possibility of interacting with medical equipment and equipment in virtual reality, the opportunity was created for the integration of full-fledged and various training scenarios in a single operating room environment.


This project has been rated by the client as 100% successful. As a result of internal tests, the client noted the following positive effects from the use of virtual reality for training:

- the use of this solution allowed to minimize the time spent on the use of real operating and real medical equipment for real-time training;
- reduced stress and anxiety of the participant (student, doctor) during training;
- increased student engagement by over 80%.