VR app for the global leader in seamless payment


The application should allow the user to remotely discover a different range of seamless payment services that the company provides to its customers.
The launching was done during NRF 2022: Retail’s Big Show in New York.

Quick facts

Technologies: Unity 3D

Team: 2 Unity developers, 1 Tech artist, 1 UX/UI Designer, 1 Team lead, 1 Tech lead, 1 3D Artist, 1 QA, 1 Project Manager

Device: Oculus Quest 2

Development time: 9 weeks


The project team began by generating ideas for creating a scenario for a future application.
It was divided into three different experiences in one single environment:
  • Pick-Go-Pay experience: the user picks some goods in lockers and pays by scanning a QR code via the client’s mobile app.
  • Proximity Pay experience: the user is buying some articles in a local small shop. The innovative cashier machine detects the user when entering the shop via the client’s mobile app. Then the device opens the user’s profile and shows the list of all his purchases, plus it debits his card remotely.
  • Tap-on-phone experience: the merchant’s phone in VR becomes a payment terminal. The user taps a credit card behind the merchant’s phone with selected articles, and the payment process is initiated and completed.


The main task was to create an application on a standalone device that is easy to use and transport worldwide. 

Before using this solution, the client needed to send the lockers abroad to make a real-life demonstration, and it was costly and time-consuming. We came up with an easy solution in really short terms to get the client ready for the expo in the middle of January.


The application was developed for NRF 2022 to allow our client to present his innovative and revolutionary solutions in the domain of seamless payments.
The project was rated 100% successful because they could show their solutions in an environment similar to the one in real life, without transporting specific expensive equipment.