Spinal Implant Installation

The application was developed to present innovative implants in the domain of spine surgery.


The application should provide the user with the possibility to perform an operation for a patient who suffers from a narrow lumbar canal. The importance of this application is to reproduce the process of the operation at the maximum to real life, based on the scenario and other visual aids provided by the customer.

Quick facts

Technologies: Unreal Engine 4, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Zbrush, Marvelous Designer

Team: 1 Project Manager, 2 Unreal Engine developers, 1 Team leader, 2 3D Artists, 1

Animator, 1 Designer, 2 QA

Development time: 8-10 weeks


The project team began by generating ideas for creating a scenario for a future application.
The main idea was to make the user of the virtual reality application feel present in a real surgical room. All of the medical instruments, including customer’s specific implants, were modeled based on real life photos.
The full process of the operation was reproduced using the same hand movements as during a real spine surgery.


One of the unique features of this application was the creation of a surgical room, as similar as possible to a real one, with the same medical equipment and items. 

Thanks to the possibility of interacting with medical equipment in virtual reality, the opportunity was created for the integration of full-fledged spine surgery scenario in a single operating room environment.


The application was developed for an expo in order to give our customer the possibility to present his innovative implants and their revolutionary use in the domain of spine surgery. The project was rated 100% successful, because they could show their products in an environment similar to the one in real life, without the need to operate a real patient.