P2P Payment Bot for MasterCard

A chatbot for Facebook Messenger that facilitates peer to peer mobile payments


Managing money online is often terrible. When you need to send money to your friend or family, you need to log in to your bank account, enter your friend's card number, wait for an SMS with a confirmation code, enter the code, and then wait until the money gets to the recipient. This process is nothing but long and complicated.

The beauty of chatbots lies in their simplicity and convenience. With chatbots sending and receiving money can be as easy as texting a message.

MasterCard – a leader in global payments – teamed up with Jasoren to let the users of MasterPass, MasterCard's digital wallet, transfer money from one card to another card over the chatbot for Facebook Messenger.

Quick facts

Service: Managed project
Team Project: Manager, 2 Java Developers, Architect, Product Owner
Timeframe: 6 Months
Technologies: Java, RabbitMQ, 3-D Secure, Docker

Project overview

We created Bot using MasterPass and MasterCard Send technologies. The main chatbot's functions include:

  • Card registration with MasterPass digital wallet
  • Transfer of money from one card to another card
  • Saving the template of the recipient’s card
  • Transaction history
  • Transaction status notifications
  • Built-in chat with technical support of the service


The development of the P2P payment chatbot lasted for about six months and included a team of specialists consisting of a project manager, a software architect, two Java developers, and a product owner from the client side.

We collaborated closely with the client during the process of development. This joint effort resulted in a great product that satisfies the requirements and expectations of the consumer such as the ease of use, reliability, and security.

Asynchronous software architecture

We developed the project using Java 8, the newest version of the world's #1 development platform. To handle server-client communication we used asynchronous communication model and RabbitMQ, an open source message broker. With such architecture, we could distribute large data streams in real time.

Integration with MasterPass digital wallet

To make it possible to transfer payments via a chatbot we used MasterPass SDK for JavaScript. This library limits access to the card data for developers and lets a client perform operations with cards directly through the MasterPass services from the browser bypassing the intermediate services.

Secure authentication

To authorize transfers we used OTP / 3-D Secure protocol, an additional security layer for online credit and debit card transactions.

Easy-to-deploy development environment

We used Docker to pack, ship, and run our application as a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient container that runs on the Leaseweb virtual servers in the Netherlands. We stored the project's source code on Bitbucket.


All users of Facebook Messenger and MasterPass digital wallet can use safe and convenient Bot to send money to any Visa or MasterCard card.