Engie's Bots:
Two Virtual Energy Assistants

Intelligent chatbots for Facebook Messenger for the largest energy provider in France


When interacting with utility service providers, customers often require advisors who can answer the question on the phone, through social channels, email or via live chat.

But most often, this communication results in frustrating online experience. The reasons include the lack of basic information and the inability of the service providers to answer questions quickly.

"Engie I'm Moving" and "Engie to Your Service" are intelligent virtual assistants that Jasoren developed for Engie, the largest energy provider in France. The chatbots offer a fast, smart, and user-friendly online experience for Engie's customers through Facebook Messenger.

Quick facts

Service: Managed project
Team: Project Manager, 2 RoR Developers, Architect, Product Owner
Time frame: 1 Month
Technologies: Ruby on Rails

Project overview

To access the virtual assistant service users need to select one of the following chatbots in the Facebook Messenger:

  1. The “Engie I’m Moving” chatbot allows customers to subscribe to a new energy contract when they move to another house or apartment. The subscription form is filled in automatically based on the conversation with the chatbot.
  2. The “Engie to Your Service” chatbot offers an easy way for customers to share their gas and electricity meter readings, get information on their tariff plans, Engie offers, and discuss any other queries.

Engie's bots are available 24/7, but they don't replace the company's human advisors completely. If a customer wants to talk to the advisor, they can do it without leaving the Messenger application.

The chatbots are powered by Natural Language Processing technology that allows them to understand human language. As the customers interact with the virtual assistants, the chatbots become more intelligent and accurate in dealing with customer inquiries.


We developed the project under very tight deadlines and completed the process of development in about a month. But normally, the development of virtual assistants of a similar complexity takes much longer.


The Engie's virtual assistants are easy-to-use online tools. They are just what the energy provider's customers need. They make the customer service easy, helpful, and respectful of the customer’s time.

For many utility companies improving online services means staying ahead of the competition. The Engie's bots improve online customer service. But most importantly, they help the company retain its customers while also attracting new ones.