Our corporate objectives are displayed to show our employees and business partners how we view ourselves and our company and which values we follow.

Basic Principle

We strive for the simplest and most transparent policies. We keep their number as low as possible.

Our basic policy is to show you that you’re not hiring just a subcontractor – you’re getting a long-term trusted partner. This is the basic principle of our work.



We create a complete space for productive and efficient work.

We also try to make our working space appeal to our personal preferences and to create a place everyone feels comfortable.

We provide every means for productive work and at the same time encourage the fullest lives beyond the working hours.

By engaging skilled professionals in various areas, we can put together teams capable of completing any project.

We are good at what we are doing, and we believe we create products that help to solve actual problems and make the lives of people more comfortable.


Constant Improvement

No matter how skilled and professional we are now, there is always room for improvement.

Thus, although we are consistent in our opinions, we take proactive measures for growth – at the personal level and the level of the company.

This process goes on and on, as you can never be truly perfect.

Today we are better than we were yesterday and we hope that tomorrow we will be even better than today.

We are always learning and are eager to share our knowledge with our colleagues and the entire developing community.



We do not discuss our clients or each other behind our backs.

We prefer direct conversations or use messaging tools – Slack, GoToMeeting, Skype – to discuss a project or communicate within the company, or share our opinions publicly via different posts and articles.



We do respect each other’s feelings and always seek to create the most constructive and efficient working environment.

However, we cannot put these concerns in front of achieving satisfactory results of our work. Sometimes, excessive politeness can affect overall productivity, and in such cases, we prefer to be honest.



We value our reputation highly, and when we hire a new member of the team, we do it only when each colleague who took part in the candidate interview speaks for recruiting them.

Thus, we expect the best from each of our colleagues, allow everyone the benefit of the doubt, welcome everyone’s effort to improve themselves and the entire company, and encourage help and assistance which the colleagues offer to each other.

At the same time, we respect confidentiality and privacy to which everyone is entitled.



We want to be free in choosing our work tools and setting the processes the way we find the most convenient for us.

Therefore, we build our relationships with clients from the position of the collaboration of equals.

We want to resolve the client’s problems, never to be ordered by them. We expect our clients to respect our expertise and opinion.


Long-Term Thinking

We always try thinking long-term and choose reliability and consistency over quick fixes that can give immediate effect.

We value our reputation over everything else and want our company to be respected and appreciated for years, rather than make some profit right now.


Minimum Subordination

We are not about earning titles, ranks, and positions.

We do not seek to establish a lot of departments with strict subordination.

We’d rather plan our teams so that they can roll out a perfect project and help the company reach its goals.

We value people for their knowledge and expertise and encourage them to use it for the company benefit, keeping the reporting and hierarchical relations to the absolute minimum.



Our products are useful, easy to maintain, and transparent.

We want users to love them.

Thus, we are always improving the quality of our flows as well as the client’s environment.

Besides, we never forget about the reliability and consistency of the security and access control measures implemented in our products, always thinking about protecting our users’ privacy.