Mobile App Development

Jasoren develops mobile applications as well as the backend infrastructure to support them.
We use iOS and Android native capabilities to deliver great user experience.
However, we also use cross-platform (Unity3D, Xamarin), and hybrid (React Native) solutions to create mobile apps that run both on iOS and Android. This way, we help our clients save time, money, and effort, and decrease the maintenance costs of mobile applications.

Evolved to meet modern-day needs

At Jasoren, we constantly adapt to meet our clients’ needs and the ever-improving mobile app development technologies. We build native mobile applications for iOS and Android and also deliver hybrid apps with the React Native framework.

Android iOS

Native iOS & Android app development

Jasoren develops mobile apps using the SDK, tools, and languages for each specific platform. Our expertise allows building robust, scalable and secure mobile apps for iPhones and Android devices. Our team has in-depth knowledge of the unique requirements and conventions of both iOS and Android.

Hybrid React Native app development

React Native is useful when costs need to be optimized for the simultaneous development of iOS and Android apps. With React Native, our developers can write one set of code that works across platforms instead of creating two separate apps for iOS and Android.

React Native
Unity Xamarin

Cross-platform mobile app development

Jasoren offers application development in C# using the Unity 3D game engine and the Xamarin cross-platform development framework. For some projects, these technologies are a great way to save costs while delivering great user experience. With cross-platform development, native mobile apps for iOS and Android can be built with the same set of tools.

Hands-on experience

Jasoren develops mobile applications to meet a variety of business needs.

Mobile-first startups

We develop apps for businesses that need mobile-first solutions. Usually, these apps tap into the feature sets unique to smartphones such as cameras, GPS receivers, Bluetooth, accelerometers, other sensors.

Omnichannel experience

When customers shop, they prefer a seamless, cross-channel experience. Mobile phones and tablets are the key to a successful omnichannel retail strategy. Jasoren helps retailers create convenient mobile apps for customers.

Employee efficiency

Jasoren builds apps that help organizations stay connected to their mobile workforce and remote workers. These apps improve the efficiency and productivity of employees, thus increasing profitability.

Customer loyalty programs

Mobile platforms offer unique possibilities for customer loyalty programs. We work with a range of enterprises – from restaurants to retailers – to develop mobile solutions that encourage repeat business.

Brand experience

A lot of brands use marketing strategies to reach their target audiences on mobile devices. We use innovative technologies such as chatbots, virtual reality, and augmented reality to serve the needs of modern brands.

Mobile payments

Mobile payments are secure, fast, and convenient. No wonder they’re an attractive way to pay. We’re well-versed in mobile payment technologies to enable effortless financial transactions in mobile apps.

How we can help

We offer full-cycle mobile app development and can take on your project at any stage. We can work on your project development from the very beginning or step in at later stages. We provide development and consulting services in:
- Mobile app development project planning
- MVP development and prototyping
- Mobile app design, including UI and UX design and wireframing
- Mobile app development for iOS or Android or both
- App deployment, support and maintenance
- Professional consulting on the mobile app development flows and technology stack
- Mobile app audit and testing
- Security mechanisms protecting your mobile app
- Code refactoring and UX optimization for existing mobile apps
- Completion of unfinished mobile app development projects and improvement of the existing code

Design and development

Jasoren provides full-service custom mobile app design and development, including backend development.

Code refactoring and UX optimization

Jasoren helps organizations audit and improve the quality of code and design for their existing projects.

Cutting-edge technologies in mobile app development

At Jasoren, we do not only develop mobile apps. With our apps, we can create unique user experiences by integrating advanced technologies. Subject to your requirements, we can build mobile apps featuring - Augmented and Virtual reality, Face recognition, Face tracking and Native chatbots.

Unique, effective, easily scalable mobile app solutions

At Jasoren, we are committed to developing mobile apps that work. Our apps are a fusion of business value, consistent performance, great user experience. With mobile apps developed by our company, you can expect high user engagement and retention, as your user will want to continue using them.

How we work

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