Microsoft’s Social Initiative That Became a Successful Bot

Catherine Strohanova
Business Development Manager

Microsoft came up with an unusual chatbot. Its bot Zo that can help homeless cats.

During the user engagement, Zo shares its favorite photos of homeless cats. Then the bot tells why it is necessary to help pets find a new home.

The initiative was launched in collaboration with the international charity organization Best Friends Animal Society.

The launch of the app was made to remind about the Black Cat Day. It took place on November 17th.

Zo is a social chatbot with the attitude of a 22-year-old girl with her own interests and preferences.

Unlike Cortana and other personal assistants that increase productivity and help with work, Zo is made for communication. It works on the basis of AI, that means it can learn and acquire new hobbies.

Zo suggests user pick up a pet, sponsoring donations, or sharing information on social networks so that more people could learn about the initiative.

Chatbot Zo was launched in December 2016, and it became one of the most successful Microsoft bots – over 100 millions of installations.

You can chat with Zo through Facebook Messenger, Kik, and GroupMe.

Now, the bot can play the favorite game Exploding Kittens. To play with Zo, it’s enough to text «Play EK».

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