Microsoft HoloLens Augmented Reality Glasses Will Become Surgeons’ Assistants

Valeriia Kyselova
Account Manager

The Spanish clinic Gregorio Marañón together with Exovite company are developing an innovative project that allows using a virtual and augmented reality in real surgery using Microsoft HoloLens glasses.

The AR and VR healthcare project is called HoloSurg, and it is made to help surgeons find and remove malignant tumors in the body.

Before having surgery, the patient undergoes a full range of examinations: from a doctor’s examination to an MRI and an X-ray. Then all the collected information is generated in a detailed virtual medical record. Having put on a VR helmet, the surgeon gets full access to the patient’s medical data and current life indicators.

Thanks to 2D and 3D images, physicians can see, get a close view of organs and rotate them in real time.

It helps in reducing physical interventions and determining more precisely the location of tumors in patients’ bodies.

The system ultimately scans the room with all the objects in it and allows to share holographic information together with other users, locally and remotely. Also, the doctor can display the image on the most convenient surface, including the patients’ body.

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