Microsoft Hololens: 2 Revolutionary Augmented Reality Apps for Businesses

Michael Velichko

The Microsoft Hololens will soon have two new augmented reality apps for businesses: Microsoft Remote Assist and Microsoft Layout.

Microsoft Remote Assist enables remote collaboration, while Microsoft Layout allows you to design 3D spaces to try different layouts of equipment.

Although relatively unknown to the general public, the Microsoft HoloLens is a hit with companies around the world. In this context, the firm of Redmond continues to develop its augmented reality platform and headset that accompanies it.

On its Windows 10 blog, Microsoft announced two new augmented reality apps designed to save businesses time and money.

The first one – Remote Assist app for HoloLens allows remote connection of employees.

For example, while one employee is responsible for the maintenance of one equipment, another can provide information via augmented reality. The latter visualizes what his correspondent sees in the first person, and can send him annotations or images in real time on the screen of his helmet.

Thanks to the integration of Microsoft Teams, it is even possible to communicate through a floating video chat window.

The second AR application – Microsoft Layout is compatible with HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. This augmented reality application allows you to represent spaces in 3D and place there holograms of furniture and other equipment.

The goal is to enable companies to ensure that the equipment will fit well into the infrastructure before purchasing, and arrange furniture and machinery in an optimal way. This tool is more intended for huge companies.

Both augmented reality apps will be integrated with Microsoft 365, and will be available free for a limited time from May 22, 2018.

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