Meet the New Booking AI Сhatbot – a New Way to Interact with Travelers

Catherine Strohanova
Business Development Manager

Booking system has revealed information and launched a brand-new version of the chatbot for traveling called Booking Assistant. It is available to English-speaking travelers around the world. The app works on any device.

Booking Assistant analyzes user messages to determine the most common questions that travelers need help with. Among them, payment for travel services, time of arrival and departure, changes in travel dates, cancellation of reservations, parking and Wi-Fi networks info.

Based on the received data, Booking Assistant helps travelers. If the AI chatbot can’t cope on its own, it redirects the question to support agents of or to the accommodation management, as the portal reports.

“Artificial intelligence for us is not a substitute for human communication, but an instrument that helps a customer to cope quickly with the encountered difficulties and enjoy the trip,” explains James Waters, CEO of

By the way, according to a recent study conducted by, among 19,000 travelers in 26 countries users do not really care who processes their request – a person or a computer.

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