Meet the New AR Market Player – Magic Leap

Catherine Strohanova
Business Development Manager

The startup Magic Leap has introduced the brand-new augmented reality glasses.

The company has been developing them since 2011. Though technical characteristics and operational principles of the device were not disclosed. Also, the company did not show how glasses work and what they can do.

In just seven years of development, the startup received 1.9 billion dollars of investments, without even revealing the detailed description of AR headset.

An early version of Magic Leap One comes with glasses, a controller and an external system that processes the image. It is enclosed in a separate case and reminds a portable CD-player.

Magic Leap

The company claims that Magic Leap One can create a virtual copy of the space which the user can interact with.

For example, you can run a virtual TV through the glasses, fix it on the wall and the headset will record it in its memory. The next time user can turn on the AR glasses and see an already fixed TV on the wall.

Magic Leap also announced big opportunities for games and communication in augmented reality.

The demonstration how the glasses work was conducted only for journalists of Rolling Stone magazine. Their bloggers and editors gave a positive review to the new AR headset.

Magic Leap plans to launch the Software Development Kit for developers in early 2018 and send the first devices within a year. The price of the device is still unknown. Last time, the company had already promised to provide the SDK in 2015, but this did not happen.

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