Louis Vuitton Has Launched its Fashion Industry Chatbot

Valeriia Kyselova
Account Manager

According to Business of Fashion resource, the famous French fashion house Louis Vuitton has launched a brand-new Internet of Things function.

They asked chatbot development specialists from the startup Mode.ai to implement artificial intelligence chatbot technologies in the fashion industry.

Now customers could contact the virtual employee of the brand through the Facebook Messenger app. The United States is the first country to launch a brand-new Louis Vuitton chatbot.

AI chatbot can tell customers about the history of Louis Vuitton, remind the name of the creative director, help to find the right thing in the whole online catalog and advise customers how to look after the clothes.

The idea belongs to the head management of the corporate group LVMH.

In the nearest future, the company plans to move the empire of luxury goods into the digital era, as Business of Fashion states. Louis Vuitton has already revealed a smart Tambour Horizon watch for $2,450.

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