How to Attract More Customers in B2B Using Virtual Reality: VR-Based Wine Tasting

Anastasia Morozova
Chief Operating Officer

Check out the new virtual reality application that allows visitors to taste and learn about the best French wines in the Province-based vineyard while actually sitting somewhere else.

Since the competition grows in any industry, business owners are always looking for new and more efficient ways of attracting more clients.

According to Hubspot’s survey, 43% of companies worldwide plan to spend less than $25,000 on marketing next year while only 18% will invest from $25,000 to $100,000. Therefore, the need for modern marketing hooks is evident in order to increase annual revenue.

Fortunately, new technologies including virtual reality applications can provide businesses with revolutionary tools that can ensure a real word of mouth and viral effect.

In this post, we will describe one of the VR applications for virtual wine tasting that was developed for one of the leading drinks distributors in the United Kingdom.

VR vineyard

The Target: Virtual Reality as a Wow-Effect Driver

The task was to create a solution that would allow potential customers to feel as if they are gourmets and mentally teleport themselves to a real French vineyard, and to be able to taste various sorts of wine. For this purpose, virtual reality was used, and it was a key idea in the creation process.

Customer’s Requirements

The customer set a goal to create something different in comparison to any existing methods how their competitors used to attract clients.

They wanted to get an extraordinary solution based on intelligent technologies in order to surprise their potential customers and make them share their wine tasting experience with their friends, colleagues, partners, or even competitors. So, they approached with a brilliant idea to provide their visitors with a virtual reality experience they would never forget.

How the Idea Was Born

Since the distributor knew that ordinary wine tasting during corresponding events could not surprise anyone, they wanted to take a step further and offer their potential clients what other wine distributors could not. That is how the idea to use virtual reality was born.

The customer strived to educate their potential clients during the wine tasting and make this process engaging, fun, and entirely different from the way it used to be before.

Let’s summarize customer’s requirements:

  • Allow visitors to learn about the different types of wine;
  • Make them share their virtual reality experience;
  • Make the education process fun and engaging;
  • Create a word of mouth and viral effect;
  • Create an extraordinary marketing tool that would drive more clients;
  • Do whatever other wine bodies do not;
  • Implement virtual reality technology.

So, how was such a serious task solved out? Continue reading, and you will know the most exciting part.

virtual wine tasting

The Solution: a Virtual Reality App for Samsung Gear VR Headsets

According to the data provided by Statista, a global economic impact of virtual reality technologies will reach the value of $15.6 billion in 2020.

Many business owners start implementing VR-based solutions for their marketing purposes.

Virtual reality applications are usually used with special headsets, and one of them is Samsung Gear VR which has become the best-selling device in 2016 with about 4.3 million sold units. This is exactly that device which the customer has used to demonstrate the application during his trade shows.

So, what is so special about this VR app?

How the Application Works

At the time users take a virtual reality headset on, they find themselves in the marvelous pavilion, with wooden tables and chairs, surrounded by a magic sunny vineyard somewhere in a French Province.

While virtually sitting at one of the tables, they can see three unlabeled bottles of wine in front of them. Then they got a couple of tips and hints in the form of pop-ups describing the characteristics of each sort of wine situated on the table without naming it.

In the virtual reality, they are asked to perform a blind wine taste test using wine samples prepared by a waitress or organizer. The goal of this virtual wine tasting is to guess what wine is what.

Virtual Reality for wine tasting

How Virtual Reality Can Help Drive More Clients

The customer presented the virtual reality application at five of their largest trade shows in 2016.

As a result, hundreds of customers participated in this virtual engagement accompanied by real wine tasting. They tried two different wines and read the information about three ones in the virtual vineyard through a user interface. Then they had to match the wine samples they had tasted and the grape varieties described in the VR app.

The client noticed the increased attention to his events from national and global media sources. Such news providers as Harpers, Sky News, and VR World have published information about unusual wine trade shows organized by this client.

Furthermore, all trade show participants appreciated the wine tasting and the way it was represented.

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Due to the proposed virtual reality solution, the client has managed to surprise their customers and provide them with the degustation they had never experienced before.

30% of large companies from Forbes Global 2000 are ready to experiment with augmented or virtual reality applications for marketing purposes this year.

It means that innovative and creative brands will manage to conquer a significant market part and increase their revenues due to the use of modern technologies.

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Be on the technological side – start implementing virtual reality in your business!

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