Facebook Brings Augmented Reality to Messenger and Instagram

Michael Velichko

Facebook Lite, Messenger, and Instagram will be equipped with new augmented reality (AR) features. The American firm has announced these novelties for its various applications during its F8 conference.

During its F8 conference, Facebook has announced new augmented reality features for its various applications: Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook Lite.

For Messenger, augmented reality will be used first of all for businesses.

Like Snapchat, the messaging application will allow brands to create augmented reality filters. Users who contact brands like Sephora, KIA, Nike or ASUS will have access to button enabling them to access special AR filters.

In parallel, the Instagram application will also expand augmented reality features. Developers will be able to create AR effects to add to photos, such as filters or world lenses.

To launch properly this new feature, several partnerships have been established with influential accounts such as the NBA, Jiffpom, Liza Koshy, Ariel Baby, Ariana Grande, Vogue, BuzzFeed or Kylie Jenner.

The third app that will have augmented reality features is Facebook Lite. Third-party developers will soon be able to create AR experiments for the platform. However, we don’t know when this new feature will be deployed.

To help developers to create augmented reality content for its applications, Facebook is also announcing an update to its AR Studio authoring software.

It will from now on be more straightforward to import 3D assets into AR experiments, and developers will benefit from analytical tools. The Facebook camera will also benefit from better object recognition and will create green background effects to transport users to other environments.

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