Facebook and Xiaomi Will Release a VR-Helmet Specially for the Chinese Market

Catherine Strohanova
Business Development Manager

Facebook and Xiaomi have agreed to create a virtual reality headset exclusively for Chinese users. This partnership will allow the American company to develop and promote on the Chinese market where Facebook’s primary business a social network is blocked since 2009.

The project is named Mi VR Standalone. The technology of the headset will be based on the Oculus platform, owned by Facebook. The press service of the social network reports that the unit will be sold only in China and the local user won’t be allowed to access Facebook.

Developers working with Oculus will be able to share their applications with the Chinese users through the Mi platform.

Xiaomi is also a Facebook’s partner for the production of Oculus Go. It is the first standalone virtual reality helmet that works without a connection to a computer or smartphone. Mi VR will also be an independent headset.

According to the WSJ, the co-founder and head of the company Mark Zuckerberg once asked the developers to create a tool that would allow third parties such as the government of China to block the content before it’s published in the social network. However, this idea caused controversy in the team and wasn’t accepted in the end.

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