For many companies, virtual and augmented reality is something new and not entirely clear.
They have certainly heard about the existence of these technologies, but do not know how to apply them in their business.

Over the years of work, we have gained considerable experience in the field and have developed a lot of AR and VR applications for our clients. Each application is unique, customized, and tailored to the business task of the client and the industry where it will be subsequently used.

Using extensive experience and multiple skills of our experts, we can offer dozens of use cases for AR/VR for different spheres.

Each concept is customized and tailored to the problematic of our client and their needs.

If you need to:

  • Attract maximum attention to the launch of a new product;
  • Increase sales;
  • Demonstrate properties of your product that are invisible to the human eye;
  • Improve your warehouse performance and reduce time to complete an order;
  • Cut internal training costs etc.

Do not hesitate, VR and AR will easily solve these tasks. Thanks to our previous experience, we will certainly be helpful in implementing these technologies in your company.

jasoren working process

How we work

Consulting services include:

  • The analysis of business requirements
    Analysis of actual business tasks of the client that he plans to solve using immersive technologies;
  • Choice of the technology
    Determination of the technology and of the method of its implementation to solve the business problem of the client;
  • Different options of the use of the technology
    Creation and description of some use cases for selected immersive technologies in the context of the existing business task;
  • Recommendations regarding the most optimal solution of this task
    Our recommendations concerning the choice of specific use case and technology, which corresponds to the particular task;
  • Creation of the concept of the future app
    Creation of the general concept, which includes some details of the future application;
  • Rough estimate
    A rough estimate of the work efforts for the creation of the application according to the concept approved by the client.
How we work

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