Chatbots Have Become Popular Components of a Customer Experience

Catherine Strohanova
Business Development Manager

Chatbots now is part of an enhanced customer experience solution. Startups, developers, and companies are conducting various types of research to implement a new type of engagement with clients over Facebook, websites, and mobile applications.

Though chatbots are applicable to banking, tourism, and financial things, and healthcare.

But things have changed since the release of a talk therapy chatbot Woebot.

This AI chatbot was developed by Stanford psychologists and Artificial Intelligence experts. For $39 a month Woebot analyses mental health, based on a conversation with the user, games results, and clinical records.

This chatbot collects mood data while the user communicates with it and asks basic questions about the general state, questions about energy, and psychological issues. It embraces the main points of the decision tree analyzing the answers and then completes the follow-up.

The chatbot is a kind of talk therapy—cognitive behavioral therapy that is trying to reveal negative issues objectively. Patients are likely to have a small talk that has hidden emotional sings that highlight the main psychological issues like anxiety, depression.

It’s a good way to solve minor problems and it a good addition to visiting a therapist. When a patient feels low, the bot with artificial intelligence may have a talk, provide articles or books to read, and send links, phone numbers to contact the hotline.

“Woebot is a robot you can tell anything to. It’s not an AI that’s going to tell you stuff you don’t know about yourself by detecting some magic you’re not even aware of”, says the founder.

Woebot is a bot that doesn’t find information on the Internet, examines you as a therapist, and enhances AI-experience in medicine.

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