Chatbot Industry News (September)

Valeriia Kyselova
Account Manager

We’ve chosen the most interesting news regarding chatbots and their development that happened this month.

Travel chatbot Oscar expands to America

chatbot for tourism

Air New Zealand recently sold its development – a chatbot for tourism called Oscar – to the US and Canada after its successful launch in New Zealand and Australia.

Today the AI (artificial intelligence) chatbot is capable of processing more than 1000 quotes per day, both on the website and in the mobile app of the airline due to the built-in AI learning.

“Artificial intelligence allows not only to give quick and correct answers to our customers but also helps to analyze essential information about our customers’ image”, explains Avi Golan, senior technical specialist of Air New Zealand. “Oscar was a huge success in Australia, and now we want to send it to North America,” the developer notices.

The online chatbot for tourism was designed to answer the most common questions of airline customers in the company chat.

The online bot can ask questions by himself using AI machine learning. If he needs to clarify something, he asks the tourist a particular question to reveal more details, without forcing him to type another message.

The chatbot can send a suitable link to a hot offer, tell a joke or sing a song.

Coping with depression through interacting with AI chatbot

chatbot for healthcare

AI and machine learning can help the mental health community to enable permanent consultations for people with psychological disorders.

Michiel Rauws, co-founder, and CEO of the mental health tech startup X2AI came up with AI chatbot for the medical industry – Tess.

“There are millions of people globally who struggle with anxiety and depression, and simply not enough psychologists to take care of everyone,” Rauws said.

Michiel used to struggle with depression and experienced working with Syrian immigrants and eventually it inspired him to come up with Tess.

He made a conclusion that much of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is about coaching people to rearrange their thoughts about the life and life problems after tough periods of life.

Tess is an AI medical chatbot that helps psychologists monitor patients, and remotely deliver personalized psychotherapy.

At the same time, patients get remote mental life coaching. A medical chatbot is available through texts, Facebook Messenger, and a website.

The best thing about this chatbot – patients always get fast replies which prevent them from committing anything terrible.

The AI chatbot for medicine will recognize signals indicating the bad state of a patient so their therapists get notifications about that.

Some patients may find communicating with AI chatbot more comfortable because they have no time or ability to visit a psychologist as often as it’s required.

Vodafone and chatbots. Bright future of customer service?

customer support chatbot

Vodafone has launched its chatbot TOBi last year to deal with customer support and offer services. Now, European mobile operator expands and willing to implement complex SIM-transactions.

As Vodafone’s management says, users usually spend 15-16 minutes to complete a transaction on a website. The same procedure with the help of a chatbot will take only 7-8.

This mobile industry chatbot is going to act like a human. It can correct you, play something back or suggest a correct option if the user has chosen the wrong one.

Vodafone’s executives say ”We see completion rates going up, conversion is two to three times what it is on the website, and that means transaction time is remarkably less. We were expecting it to improve, but we just weren’t expecting it to be quite that dramatic.”

The chatbot will be used as a pop-up messenger app showing several preselected cards across the bottom.

TOBi wants users to reveal the motivation of a client and asks additional questions: what kind of service, price, data on something.

When the customer chooses some plan and proceeds to checkout, TOBi collects personal details, doing credit checks, accepts card payments and offers delivery options.

TOBi chatbot is A/B tested so far and works with 20% of customers only.

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