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We explore popular technologies, tools, and strategies for developing and deploying different kinds of chatbots.

21 Mar 2018
enterprise chatbot

Chatbots Join the Enterprise: Here Is How Exactly

Chatbots have become a significant part of today’s digital marketing strategies for numerous companies like H&M and Disney. While the use of chatbots for communication with customers and sales generation cannot surprise anyone, how can enterprise chatbots become in handy for businesses? According to a report published by Juniper Research, chatbots can cut global operational [...]
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16 Mar 2018
what way bots are used in

5 Great Things Chatbots Can Do and What It Means for Your Business

With large amounts of money spent on customer support, companies miss numerous benefits of virtual assistants. In our article, we will cover the main functional aspects of chatbots, how they can impact business success, and what ways chatbots are used in. Chatbots are services enabled with specific rules and, in some cases, artificial intelligence (AI). [...]
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09 Mar 2018
chatbot for ecommerce screenshot

How Chatbot Integration Benefits Ecommerce Retailers

Gone are the days when the only thing chatbots did was collect our phone numbers and email addresses. Remember the little windows that popped up as soon as you opened a website saying something like “Have a question? Ask us, we are online!” However, when you did ask your question, the only reply you got [...]
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16 Feb 2018
how to improve your customer service

How Chatbots Can Drastically Improve the Customer Service

Probably you have seen this graph quite many times, but we would like to include it here, once again. It is a precise proof that the future of customer-facing business is closely connected with messaging applications and related functionality, particularly, chatbots. Image credit: Business Insider That’s true, these days most people prefer messaging apps to [...]
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05 Feb 2018
Travel chatbot

Chatbots in the Travel Industry: Empower Your Business

The tourism sector has been fundamentally reshaped by the new technologies that transformed the relations between online travel agencies and their customers. Travelers are more connected and empowered. They prefer to get instant access to travel deals and interact with a travel agency using their mobile apps. They also want a great experience and want [...]
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25 Jan 2018
Tommy Hilfiger chatbot screenshot

Chatbots in Questions and Answers, or Why You Should Get a Chatbot Before Your Competitor Does

Currently, one of the dominating trends in ecommerce is the fusion of online shopping and messaging applications. This model has earned the name “conversational commerce” and is literally changing the way people shop online. Chatting with a virtual shop assistant adds the personalization that traditional online shopping lacks. The customers appreciate it for the new [...]
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15 Jan 2018
how to use messenger bot screenshot

Why Brands Abandon Bot Technology and How to Make Chatbots Work

Unless you’ve been marooned on a desert island, chances are you know that chatbots сan be the good weapon in the brand’s arsenal. However, despite the hype around artificial intelligence, the things are not as seamless and flawless as we envision them to be. Today many companies doubt the necessity to implement and introduce chatbots [...]
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09 Jan 2018
Daily Fitbot screenshot

Chatbot Techniques that Can Increase Customer Engagement for Health and Fitness Brands

For fitness brands, mobile applications are a significant step towards increasing customer retention and engagement. An application downloaded to a mobile device is always with the user ensuring the greater presence of the fitness brand. What’s more, fitness apps are a good solution for our busy schedules when squeezing in some gym time is next [...]
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04 Jan 2018
Watson virtual agent screenshot

Skills and Technologies Driving Chatbot Innovation

Do you remember old chatbots - originally incapable of anything but offering pre-scripted spam ads? The “ask, and you shall receive” concept hasn’t actually worked until recent days. Chabots aren’t new in the tech world, though they have hit the mainstream only in 2016. It was the first wave of AI technology introduced to the [...]
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