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In this section, we mainly represent our insights on the latest technology trends and innovations in virtual reality, chatbots and augmented reality. All articles explain the main features and benefits of these technologies and reveal Jasoren’s expertise.

05 Feb 2019
project manager functions

From Junior to Senior: How to Level Up as a Project Manager

When does a junior PM become a middle PM? Or senior, for that matter? Does it take a certain number of years at work or successful project to move up the corporate ladder? In fact, the number of projects and the length of your working experience are not as significant as your knowledge and skills [...]
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01 Feb 2019
ar in healthcare education

Use of AR in Healthcare Education

Education always consists of two main components - theory and practice. No matter what you learn, there comes a time when you need to switch from textbooks, videos, instructor’s explanations and demonstrations to doing something with your own hands. In this context, healthcare education is no exception. Before becoming doctors, medical students spend years learning [...]
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28 Jan 2019
project manager

8 Skills of a Project Manager and How to Master Them

Some people become project managers; some don’t. Some people want to become project managers, and some don’t. At the same time, while wish and ambition play a major role in a Project Manager’s career, there are certain skills that the Project Manager needs to become successful. These skills are directly related to the functions that [...]
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24 Jan 2019
AR technologies in automotive

How Augmented Reality Will Change Driving and Car Manufacturing

The success of automotive companies directly depends on the launching of advanced technologies. In the last years, automotive industry experts agree that the near future of the automotive industry will be closely related to the use of augmented reality technology. First of all, AR can completely change the driver's user experience with the help of [...]
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15 Jan 2019
virtual reality software developers

How Much Does a Virtual Reality App Cost?

In 2020, nobody thinks of virtual reality in the context of games or entertainment only. Of course, VR-based games with totally immersive experiences are very popular, and many of them are produced every year. However, virtual reality is proving its value in many other industries - healthcare, education, e-commerce, specialized training, sports, military, and so [...]
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21 Dec 2018
logistics mobile apps

The Technology behind Supply Chain and Logistics Apps

One of the core features of the logistics and supply chain industry is that the business is always spread over a large geographic area with lots of people, vehicles, goods, and assets scattered miles away from the base and from each other. To keep track of everything that is going on in a logistics company, [...]
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14 Dec 2018
hiring development team

How to Put Together the Best Development Team – 11 Tips

The main factor in the success of any project is the people behind it. This is true in any business, but in software development, the right team is especially important. Putting together a productive team is a challenging and difficult process, but at the end of the day, you are going to be rewarded by [...]
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04 Dec 2018
chatbot telecom

Chatbots for Telecommunication Companies

Telecommunication companies, especially those serving large areas and both corporate and individual customers, tend to have huge user bases. Of course, this is what the company aims at and what their marketing departments get paid for. However, having a large user base has its flip side, and that is an extremely dense volume of incoming [...]
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