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In this section, we mainly represent our insights on the latest technology trends and innovations in virtual reality, chatbots and augmented reality. All articles explain the main features and benefits of these technologies and reveal Jasoren’s expertise.

10 Jul 2019
future 40

Jasoren Is Featured in Future40, A New Book by R3 Worldwide

We are pleased to inform you that Jasoren has been selected as one of the 40 world technology companies by R3 Worldwide -  a leader in global, regional and local consulting on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of marketers and their agencies. R3 works with nine of the world’s top twenty marketers including Coca-Cola, Unilever, [...]
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25 Jun 2019
content virtual reality training

Breaking Norms in the Professional Realm with VR Training

Virtual reality (VR) technology is increasingly integrated in the corporate realm. Today large companies such as Walmart and Google are creating a range of customized VR training programs for their employees. An example of the latest technology, virtual reality is changing the way companies perceive professional development, offering the workforce relevant skill sets in today’s [...]
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19 Jun 2019
content vr training for logistics companies

VR Training for Logistics Companies

Logistics operations are becoming increasingly complex and involve multiple technological processes. Logistics companies maintain large storage and sorting warehouses that accumulate thousands of packages and cargoes every day. As the company grows, its warehouses grow, too, as they need to process higher volumes from day to day. Despite technological progress, warehousing still requires quite extensive [...]
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12 Jun 2019

How to Make an Augmented Reality App with Vuforia and Unity3D

Augmented reality (AR) is taking an increasingly firm hold in many industries. This technology of overlaying virtual objects over the real surroundings has stepped far beyond its initial use cases of games and other entertainment products. In 2018, AR became a useful tool for education, e-commerce, advertising, construction and design, and professional training. In each [...]
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02 May 2019
ar app crown royal

How to Use Augmented Reality to Tell Brands History in the Beverage Industry

Most great products have a history. For some, it is a brilliant idea that struck gold; for others, it is years of hard labor that delivered the perfect result. Histories of some iconic beverages are more fascinating than adventure novels, and sometimes the story behind the bottle is as attractive and exciting as its content. [...]
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16 Apr 2019
voice chatbots for maintenance and inspections

Voice Chatbots for Maintenance and Inspections

Imagine that you are a service engineer at an industrial enterprise. A huge industrial enterprise. Every day, you deal with very sophisticated and - let’s face it - very expensive equipment. Moreover, you have a couple of dozens of different units that have different service and maintenance procedures. Servicing complex equipment requires solid knowledge of [...]
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04 Apr 2019
Augmented-reality-for packaging

Augmented Reality for Packaging

For most of us, the packaging is something that we throw away after we have used the product. However, from the marketing point of view, the packaging is a wealth of opportunities that can be smartly used to make us buy the product in the first place. Packaging is the first tool in building brand [...]
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27 Mar 2019
how to build a serious vr game

How to Build a Serious AR/VR Game

Today, with the advance of augmented reality and virtual reality, serious games become as engaging and exciting as they can possibly get. Many industries can benefit from including an AR or VR serious game in its training program. Most often, serious games are used where practical skills play the key role - military, police, sports, [...]
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19 Mar 2019
advergaming for retail

Gamification for Retail

Gamification as a marketing technique is not new, and many brands have explored it to attract new customers and retain their existing customer base. Probably, all of us at least once looked for random prizes under soft drink bottle caps, scratched a card or collected points to get an award. While not too many people [...]
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