Being Informed about Climate Science via Chatbot

Valeriia Kyselova
Account Manager

The Australian non-profit Climate Council has created a chatbot for Facebook Messenger to keep people informed about climate science.

This chatbot is an attempt to connect with those young people who are interested in matters such as climate change but are not involved in the problem, mainly due to wider information overload.

The Climate Council began working on the chatbot last year. They are aimed at translating high-level science into everyday life when people can share information about the climate in Messenger.

The first iteration of the chatbot is straightforward.

The climatic chatbot stimulates users to take action on climate and help reduce emissions. Bot asks to follow the Paris Agreement on climate and asks to remember personal responsibility regarding pollution and climate changes.

People can choose the subject they want to get more information about. For example, if it’s coal bleaching or the Great Barrier Reef, sandstorms and to track new information on it.

A chatbot can be a convenient tool to destroy myths and deliver the truth, for example, about a recent polar vortex in the USA.

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